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Control and Automation of Electrical Power Distribution Systems
by James Northcote-Green

Control and Automation of Electrical Power Distribution Systems presents the theoretical and practical details of a control and automation solution for the entire distribution system of substations and feeders.


  • Examines outage management and data modeling to understand how to implement extended control
  • Develops the idea of generic networks through the concept of a network complexity factor and standard building blocks (automated switches) as ways of implementing cost effective automation and control
  • Introduces new ideas and solutions for feeder automation to facilitate control and operation
  • Illustrates cost benefits and cost analyses as well as business case development
  • Provides over 300 tables, equations, and figures that help illustrate the topics discussed


Power Delivery System Control and Automation

  • Why Distribution Automation
  • Power Delivery Systems
  • Control Hierarchy
  • What Is Distribution Automation
  • Distribution Automation System
  • Basic Architectures and Implementation Strategies for DA
  • Definitions of Automated Device Preparedness

Central Control and Management

  • Power System Operation
  • Operations Environment of Distribution Networks
  • Evolution of Distribution Management Systems
  • Basic Distribution Management System Functions
  • Basic of a Real-Time Control System (SCADA)
  • Outage Management
  • Decision Support Tools
  • Subsystems
  • Extended Control-Feeder Automation
  • Performance Measures and Response Times
  • Data Base Structures and Interfaces

Design, Construction and Operation of Distribution Systems

  • Design of Networks
  • LV Distribution Networks
  • Switchgear for Distribution Substations and LV Networks
  • Extended Control of Distribution Substations and LV Networks

Hardware for Distribution Systems

  • Introduction to Switchgear
  • Primary Switchgear
  • Ground Mounted Network Substations
  • Larger Distribution/Compact Substations
  • Pole Mounted Enclosed Switches
  • Pole Mounted Reclosers
  • Pole Mounted Switch Disconnectors and Disconnectors
  • Operating Mechanisms and Actuators
  • Current and Voltage Measuring Devices
  • Instrument Transformers in Extended Control
  • Current and Voltage Sensors

Protection and Control

  • Protection Using Relays
  • Sensitive Earth Fault and Instantaneous Protection Schemes
  • Protection Using Fuses
  • Earth Fault and Overcurrent Protection for Solid/ Resistance Earthed Networks
  • Earth Faults on Compensated Networks
  • Earth Faults on Unearthed Networks
  • An Earth Fault Relay for Compensated and Unearthed Networks
  • Fault Passage Indication
  • Connection of the FPI to the Distribution System Conductor
  • Distribution System Earthing and Fault Passage Indication
  • AutoReclosing and Fault Passage Indicators
  • The Choice of Indication between Phase Fault and Earth Fault
  • Resetting the Fault Passage Indicator
  • Grading of Fault Passage Indicators
  • Selecting a Fault Passage Indicator
  • Intelligent Electronic Device (IED)
  • Power Supplies for Extended Control
  • Automation Ready Switchgear - FA Building Blocks
  • Examples of Building Blocks
  • Typical Inputs and Outputs for Building Blocks
  • Control Building Blocks and Retrofit
  • Control Logic

Performance of Distribution System

  • Faults on Distribution Networks
  • Performance and Basic Reliability Calculations
  • Calculating the Effects of Extended Control
  • Improving the Reliability of Underground Networks
  • Improving the Reliability of Overhead Networks
  • Improving Performance with Automation
  • Improvements by Combining Design Methods on Underground Circuits

Communication Systems for Control and Automation

  • Communications and Distribution Automation
  • DA Communication Physical Link Options
  • Wireless Communication
  • Wire Communications
  • Distribution Automation Communications Protocols
  • Distribution Automation Communications Architecture
  • DA Communications User Interface
  • Some Considerations for DA Communications Selection
  • Requirements for Dimensioning the Communications Channel

Creating the Business Case

  • Potential Benefits Perceived by the Industry for Substation Automation
  • Potential Benefits Perceived by the Industry for Feeder Automation
  • Generic Benefits
  • Benefits Opportunity Matrix
  • Benefits Flow Chart
  • Dependencies, Shared and Unshared Benefits
  • Capital Deferral, Release, or Displacement
  • Savings in Manpower
  • Savings Related to Energy
  • Other Operating Benefits
  • Summary of DA Functions and Benefits
  • Economic Value-Cost
  • Presentation of Results and Conclusion


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Control and Automation of Electrical Power Distribution Systems
by James Northcote-Green
2006 464 pages $148.95 + shipping
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