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Cosmetic and Toiletry Formulations
Volume 4

Second Edition
by Ernest W. Flick

This data represent selections from manufacturers' descriptions made at no cost to, nor influence from, the makers or distributors of these materials. Only the most recent formulas have been included.

It is believed that all of the trademarked raw materials listed are currently available, which will be of interest to readers concerned with raw material discontinuances. It contains 959 cosmetic and toiletry formulations based on information received from numerous industrial companies and other organizations.

There are no duplicated formulas in these volumes. Each formulation in the book is identified by a description of end use.

Each of the 959 formulations includes the following:

  • a listing of each raw material contained
  • the percent by weight of each raw material
  • suggested formulation procedure
  • the formula source: which company or organization that supplied the formula

Partial Table of Contents:

  • Antiperspirants and Deodorants: Spray Powder Antiperspirant, General Purpose Stick Formulations, Talc Spray and more.
  • Baby Products: Baby Wipes, Tear Free Baby Bath, Baby Foam Baths, Mild Childrens Bubble Bath and more.
  • Bath and Shower Products: Bath Crystals, Silk Bath Gel, Water White Shower Gel, Shower Bath for everyday use and more.
  • Beauty Aids: Lip Pencil, Roll-On Lip Gloss, High Shine Lipstick, Fluid Makeup, Face and Body Milk and more.
  • Creams: Mascara Cream, Cold Cream, Day Cream O/W for Sensitive Skin, Almond Vanishing Cream, Vanishing Cream and more.
  • Hair Care Products: Firm Hold Hairspray, Ethnic Hair Glosser with Extra Conditioning, Hair Brushing Lotion, Hair Cream and more.
  • Lotions: Hand Lotion, Protective Hand Lotion, Body Lotion, Banana Hand Lotion, After Exercise body Lotion and more.
  • Shampoos: Ethnic Hair Shampoos, Everyday Family Shampoo, Professional Salon Type Shampoo, Protein Shampoo and more.
  • Shaving Products: Hemostatic After Shave, Shaving Foam, Shaving Creme, After Shave Balm, Conditioning After Shave Toner and more.
  • Soaps and Hand Cleaners: Industrial and Institutional Hand Soaps, Waterless Hand Cleaner, Hand Cleaning Paste, Lotion Hand Soap and more.
  • Sun Care Products: Absorbing Sunscreen, Aloe Suntan Lotion, After Sun Milk, Solar Tanning Oil Mousse, Cooling After Sun Lotion and more!
  • Miscellaneous: Denture Cleaner, Washable Oils, Jojoba Massage, Solid Cologne, Cream Sachet, Skin Growth Accelerators and more.
  • Trade-Named Raw Materials
  • Suppliers' Addresses


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Cosmetic and Toiletry Formulations
Second Edition • Volume 4

by Ernest W. Flick
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