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Dental Implant Complications
Etiology, Prevention, and Treatment
edited by Stuart J. Froum

Dental Implant Complications: Etiology, Prevention, and Treatment is the first comprehensive reference of its kind designed to provide clinicians of all skill levels with practical instruction grounded in evidence-based research. Featuring cases from a variety of dental specialties, the book covers the most commonly occurring implant complications as well as the unique.

Dental Implant Complications is organized sequentially, guiding the reader through complications associated with the diagnosis, treatment planning, placement, restoration, and maintenance of implants at any stage.

Complications associated with various bone augmentation and sinus lift procedures are also discussed in detail with emphasis on their etiology and prevention.

Each chapter utilizes a highly-illustrated and user-friendly format to showcase key pedagogical features, including a list of “take home tips” summarizing the fundamental points of each chapter.

Ten important case studies are included in the last chapter.


  1. Implant complications: scope of the problem
  2. Implant complications associated with systemic disorders and medications
  3. Complications associated with implant planning: etiology, prevention, and treatment
  4. Implant complications associated with two- and three-dimensional diagnostic imaging technologies
  5. Implant fractures: etiology, prevention, and treatment
  6. Implant failure: prevalence, risk factors, management, and prevention
  7. Peri-implantitis: etiology, pathogenesis, prevention, and therapy
  8. Esthetic complications due to implant malpositions: etiology, prevention, and treatment
  9. Prosthodontic complications related to non-optimal dental implant placement
  10. Prosthetic-related dental implant complications: etiology, prevention, and treatment
  11. Complications associated with single-implant esthetics: prevalence, etiology, prevention, and treatment
  12. Esthetic complications with adjacent implant restorations
  13. Complications of autogenous bone grafting
  14. Complications in guided bone regeneration
  15. Avoiding complications for alveolar distraction osteogenesis and osteoperiosteal flaps
  16. Complications in lateral window sinus elevation surgery
  17. Complications with the bone-added osteotome sinus floor elevation: etiology, prevention, and treatment
  18. Implant complications related to immediate implant placement into extraction sites
  19. Complications associated with flapless surgery
  20. Complications related to immediately loaded dental implants
  21. Prosthodontic treatment of the malpositioned implant and implant occlusal complications
  22. A potpourri of surgical complications associated with dental implant placement: 35 case reports – common problems, avoidance, and management
  23. Implant complications related to maintenance therapy
  24. Medicolegal issues related to implant complications
  25. Management of implant complications by the experts


  1. Treatment of midbuccal recession in the esthetic zone
  2. Treatment of buccal soft-tissue recession on a restored central incisor implant
  3. Repair of failed esthetic implant case
  4. Treatment of an osseous defect associated with an immediately placed implant
  5. Treatment of bone loss from an acute abscess around a dental implant
  6. Replacement of a failed implant in the esthetic zone
  7. Treatment and replacement of a malpositioned implant in the esthetic zone
  8. Corrective treatment for a malpositioned implant in the esthetic zone
  9. Treatment of implant malposition in the esthetic zone
  10. Treatment of a malpositioned implant in the esthetic zone


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Dental Implant Complications
Etiology, Prevention, and Treatment
edited by Stuart J. Froum

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