Dermatology book from C.H.I.P.S.

Sixth Edition
edited by
Hongbo Zhai
and Howard I. Maibachi

Dermatoxicology includes fundamental information on the mechanisms of action of toxic substances on the skin, as well as practical information on the various methods to evaluating dermal toxicity.

This completely revised and reworked edition constitutes a major contribution to the field of dermatotoxicology.

Presenting the most modern concepts and methods in use today, researchers and clinicians will find this an invaluable resource time and time again.


  • Reflects recent advances in skin toxicology
  • Contains 25 new chapters covering concepts and methods
  • Describes the current state of knowledge of dermatotoxicology
  • Covers the mechanisms of action of toxicants on the skin


  1. Skin Permeability
  2. Occlusion and Barrier Function
  3. Percutaneous Absorption of Complex Chemical Mixtures
  4. Anatomical Factors Affecting Barrier Function
  5. Percutaneous Absorption: Role of Lipids
  6. Percutaneous Absorption: Short-Term Exposure, Lag Time, Multiple Exposures, Model Variations, and Absorption from Clothing
  7. Chemical Partitioning into Powdered Human Stratum Corneum: A Useful In Vitro Model for Studying Interaction of Chemical and Human Skin
  8. Sensitive Skin
  9. Transdermal Drug Delivery System - An Overview
  10. Iontophoresis
  11. Irritant Dermatitis (Irritation)
  12. Allergic Contact Dermatitis
  13. Irritant Contact Dermatitis versus Allergic Contact Dermatitis
  14. Molecular Basis of Allergic Contact Dermatitis
  15. Systemic Contact Dermatitis
  16. Permeability of Human Skin to Metals and Paths for Their Diffusion
  17. Photoirritation (Phototoxicity, Phototoxic Dermatitis)
  18. Chemically Induced Scleroderma
  19. Chemical Agents that Cause Depigmentation
  20. Sulfur Mustard: A Chemical Vesicant Model
  21. Carcinogenesis: Current Trends in Skin Cancer Research
  22. Retinoids and Their Mechanisms to Toxicity
  23. Skin Disorders Caused by Cosmetics in China
  24. Drug Induced Ocular Phototoxicity
  25. Water: Is It an Irritant?
  26. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in Dermatotoxicology
  27. Barrier Creams
  28. Methods for In Vitro Percutaneous Absorption
  29. Tape Stripping Method and Stratum Corneum
  30. Percutaneous Absorption of Hazardous Substances from Soil and Water
  31. Isolated Perfused Porcine Skin Flap
  32. Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling
  33. Methods for In Vitro Skin Metabolism Studies
  34. Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems: Dermatologic and Other Adverse Reactions
  35. Predictive Toxicology Methods for Transdermal Delivery Systems
  36. Animal, Human, and In Vitro Test Methods for Predicting Skin Irritation
  37. Analysis of Structural Change in Intercellular Lipids of Human Stratum Corneum Induced by Surfactants: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Study
  38. Test Methods for Allergic Contact Dermatitis in Animals
  39. Test Methods for Allergic Contact Dermatitis in Humans
  40. Immunoadjuvants in Prospective Testing for Contact Allergens
  41. The Local Lymph Node Assay
  42. Contact Urticaria and the Contact Urticaria Syndrome (Immediate Contact Reactions)
  43. An Optimized In Vitro Approach to Assess Skin Irritation and Phototoxicity of Topical Vehicles
  44. Photoirritation (Phototoxicity) Testing in Humans
  45. Measuring and Quantifying Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure
  46. Use of Pig Skin Preparations in Novel Diffusion Cell Arrays to Measure Skin Absorption and to Evaluate Potential Chemical Toxicity
  47. Determination of Subclinical Changes of Barrier Function
  48. Assessing the Validity of Alternative Methods for Toxicity Testing
  49. Animal Models for Immunologic and Nonimmunologic Contact Urticaria
  50. Diagnostic Tests in Dermatology: Patch and Photopatch Testing and Contact Urticaria
  51. Cosmetic Reactions
  52. Evaluating Efficacy of Barrier Creams: In Vitro and In Vivo Models
  53. Light-Induced Dermal Toxicity: Effects on the Cellular and Molecular Levels

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Sixth Edition
edited by Hongbo Zhai and Howard I. Maibachi

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