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Design For Manufacturability Handbook
Second Edition
by James G. Bralla

Design For Manufacturability Handbook will introduce the reader to the principles and procedures of Design for Manufacturability (DFM) the art of developing high-quality products for the lowest possible manufacturing cost.

Design For Manufacturability Handbook features cutting-edge techniques for every stage of manufacturing plus entirely new chapters on DFM for Electronics, DFX (Designing for all desirable attributes), DFM for Low-Quality Production, and Concurrent Engineering.


  1. Purpose, Contents, and Use of This Handbook
  2. Economics of Process Selection
  3. General Design Principles of Manufacturability
  4. Quick References
  5. The History of DFM
  6. Managing DFM
  7. Evaluating Design Proposals

Economical Use of Raw Materials

  1. Ferrous Metals
  2. Nonferrous Metals
  3. Nonmetallic Materials

Formed Metal Components

  1. Metal Extrusions
  2. Metal Stampings
  3. Fineblanked Parts
  4. Four-Slided Parts
  5. Springs and Wire Form
  6. Spun-Metal Parts
  7. Cold-Headed Parts
  8. Impact- or Cold-Extruded Parts
  9. Rotary-Swaged Parts
  10. Tube and Section Bends
  11. Roll-Formed Sections
  12. Power Metallurgy Parts
  13. Forging
  14. Electroformed Parts
  15. Parts Produced by Specialized Forming Methods
  16. Metal Injection-Molded Parts

Machined Components

  1. Designing for machining: General Guidelines
  2. Parts Cut to Length
  3. Screw Machine Products
  4. Other Turned Parts
  5. Machined Round Holes
  6. Parts Produced on Milling Machines
  7. Parts Produced by Planing, Shaping, and Slotting
  8. Screw Threads
  9. Broached Parts
  10. Contour-Sawed Parts
  11. Flame-Cut Parts
  12. Internally Ground Parts
  13. Parts Cylindrically Ground on Center-Type Machines
  14. Centerless-Ground Parts
  15. Flat-Ground Surfaces
  16. Honed, Lapped, and Superfinished Parts
  17. Roller-Burnished Parts
  18. Parts Produced by Electrical-Discharge Machining
  19. Electrochemically Machined Parts
  20. Chemically Machined Parts
  21. Parts Produced by Other Advanced Machining Processes
  22. Gears
  23. Designing Parts for Economical Deburring


  1. Castings Made in Sand Molds
  2. Other Castings
  3. Investment Castings
  4. Die Castings

Nonmetallic Parts

  1. Thermosetting-Plastic Parts
  2. Injection-Molded Thermoplastic Parts
  3. Structural-Foam-Molded Parts
  4. Rotationally Molded Plastic Parts
  5. Blow-Molded Plastic Parts
  6. Reinforced-Plastic/Composite Parts
  7. Plastic Profile Extrusions
  8. Thermoformed-Plastic Parts
  9. Welded Plastic Assemblies
  10. Rubber Parts
  11. Ceramic and Glass Parts
  12. Plastic-Part Decorations


  1. Design for Assembly
  2. Arc Weldments and Other Weldments
  3. Resistance Weldments
  4. Soldered and Brazed Assemblies
  5. Adhesively Bonded Assemblies


  1. Designing For Clearning
  2. Polished and Plated Surfaces
  3. Other Metallic Coatings
  4. Designing for Heat Treating
  5. Organic Finishes
  6. Designing for Marking
  7. Shot-Peened Surfaces

Additional Developments

  1. DFM for Low-Quantity Production
  2. DFM in Electronics
  3. DFX


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Design For Manufacturability Handbook
Second Edition
by James G. Bralla

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