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Developing and Managing Engineering Procedures
Concepts and Applications
by Phillip A. Cloud

Developing and Managing Engineering Procedures provides hands-on techniques for writing engineering procedures to achieve ISO 9000 compliance.

It is designed for individuals responsible for writing these procedures in any industry.

Readers will find actual examples of clearly written, compliant engineering procedures, ready to adapt to your own industry and your own particular needs and use immediately.

Developing and Managing Engineering Procedures answers virtually all your procedure writing questions.

Procedure writers will gain a general understanding of engineering documentation principles and how to apply them to their own situations.

Simple diagrams and other graphics illustrate key ideas, giving a bird's-eye view of what is coming next.

The intent of the book is to familiarize the reader with the essential elements and concepts of engineering procedure development and management and show how to apply these concepts to their own specific applications.

Developing and Managing Engineering Procedures emphasizes engineering principles and tools that are common to all engineering disciplines, with examples for their use.

Step-by-step procedures shown for each document format enable readers to apply each format to their own engineering documentation programs quickly and easily.

Developing and Managing Engineering Procedures provides a fingertip reference that covers the entire engineering procedure process, using the latest technology for engineering documentation systems.


  1. Introduction
    • Engineering Procedures Case Study
    • Engineering Procedures Management
    • Document Control System
    • Document Control Components
    • What Exactly Do You Need to Document?
    • Engineering Procedure Writing

  2. Engineering Procedure Writing Group
    • How to Establish an Engineering Procedure Writing Group
    • Basic Writing Group Functions
    • Before You Start Writing
    • Policy Writing Tips
    • Departmental Instruction Writing Tips
    • Engineering Procedure Writing Tips

  3. Document Format and Contents
    • Policy Format
    • Policy Content
    • Example Policy
    • Departmental Instruction Format
    • Example Departmental Instruction
    • Engineering Procedure Format
    • Engineering Procedure Contents
    • Example Engineering Procedure Forms
    • Form Format
    • Example Form

  4. Engineering Procedure Manuals
    • Manual Components
    • Engineering Procedure Manual Sample Page
    • Engineering Procedure Manual Distribution

  5. Change Control Document
    • Review and Approval
    • Change Control Methods
    • Document Review Board
    • Revision History Sheet
    • Revision History List

  6. Engineering Document Control
    • Block Numbering System
    • Policy Numbers
    • Policy Number Assignment
    • Policy Titles
    • Departmental Instruction Numbers
    • Departmental Instructions Number Assignment
    • Departmental Instruction Titles
    • Engineering Procedure Numbers
    • Engineering Procedure Number Assignment
    • Engineering Procedure Titles
    • Form Numbers
    • Form Number Assignment
    • Manual Numbers
    • Manual Number Assignment
    • Document Review Form Numbers
    • Document Review Form Number Assignment
    • Document Change Request Form Numbers
    • Document Change Request Form Number Assignment
    • Document Master List

  7. Electronic Database
    • Document Number Structure
    • Document Database
Appendix A: Policy Example

Appendix B: Departmental Instructions Example

Appendix C: Engineering Procedure Example

Appendix D: Full Size Forms, List, and Logs

Appendix E: Suggested Reading (Including World Wide Web References)


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Developing and Managing Engineering Procedures
Concepts and Applications
by Phillip A. Cloud

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