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The Dictionary of Flavors
Second edition
by Dolf A. De Rovira, Sr.

Dictionary of Flavors provides information on flavors, flavor chemistry and natural products, as well as a perspective on the related fields of regulatory, sensory, chemistry, biology, pharmacology, business, bacteriology, marketing and psychology.

Flavors covered include those used in food and beverages, tobacco flavorings, alcoholic beverages, and pet and animal foods. Comparative flavor chemistry is used to evaluate and describe homologous groups of similar chemical structures.

In this book the G.R.A.S. ingredients have been collated into chemically similar groups, where those structural relationships would dictate flavor attribute similarities, allowing predictable aroma types that can be more easily recalled and developed.

Coverage in the second edition is extended to include the many significant and recent changes in the fields of flavor chemistry, food technology, and regulatory. Definitions of many items are expanded and inclusion of new items is extensive.

The world of foods and flavors is constantly changing. Trends have emerged since the publication of the first edition which are important to our daily lives. Here are just a few examples:

  1. GMO – Genetically modified products have come into the forefront of our consciousness.
  2. Mad Cow Disease – The safety of our food supply is in constant question.
  3. Nutritional Trends and Fads – Low Fat / Atkins / South Beach Diet
  4. Culinology - The combination between Chef and Food Scientist is here to stay – thousands of culinary terms can be added and this is a great bullet point.
  5. Including new G.R.A.S. lists – With the consolidation of the EU and US regulations, the allowable flavor chemicals has increased greatly.
  6. Organic – Since the first edition, the Organic segment of the Food Marketplace, regulations surrounding Organic Foods and trends have come to the forefront.
  7. Changes in the Food Media – “Fast Food Nation”, “Super Size Me” and Flavor Company Segments on the Discovery Channel have brought the Flavor industry into light.
  8. TV Chefs – Culinary has grown greatly as has the appreciation of ethnic foods. There is a great need to expand the definitions to include many ethnic trends.
  9. More definitions – More foods – exotic fruits from around the world


  • Explanation of Notations
  • The Dictionary of Flavors


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The Dictionary of Flavors
Second edition
by Dolf A. De Rovira, Sr.

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