Distillation Control Handbook from C.H.I.P.S.

Distillation Control
An Engineering Perspective
by Cecil L. Smith

Distillation Control enables readers to control distillation columns by approaching the subject from a process to develop, analyze, and troubleshoot all aspects of column controls.

Coverage includes:

  • Composition control
  • Pressure control and condensers
  • Reboilers and feed preheaters
  • Application of feedforward
  • Unit optimization
  • Complex towers

In addition to its detailed explanations, this book is filled with clear diagrams and illustrations that clarify complex concepts and guide readers through multi-step procedures.

Contents 1 Principles

  • Separation Processes
  • Total Material Balance
  • Reflux and Boilup Ratios
  • Total Material Balance around Condenser
  • Total Material Balance around Reboiler
  • Component Material Balances
  • Energy and the Separation Factor
  • Multicomponent Distillation
  • Stage-by-Stage Separation Model
  • Formulation of the Control Problem
  • Tower Internals
  • Flooding
  • Tray Hydraulics
  • Inverse Response in Bottoms Level
  • Composition Dynamics

2 Composition Control

  • Product Specifications
  • Columns in Series
  • Composition Analyzers
  • Temperature
  • Distillate Composition Control: Constant Boilup
  • Distillate Composition Control: Constant Bottoms Flow
  • Operating Lines
  • Temperature Profiles
  • Feed Composition Disturbances
  • Bottoms Composition Control
  • Propagation of Variance in Level Control Configurations
  • Level Control in Direct Material Balance Configurations

3 Pressure Control and Condensers

  • Pressure Control
  • Once-Through Heat Transfer Processes
  • Water-Cooled Condensers
  • Flooded Condensers
  • Air-Cooled Condensers
  • Partial Condensers
  • Atmospheric Towers
  • Vacuum Towers
  • Floating Pressure/Pressure Minimization

4 Reboilers and Feed Preheaters

  • Types of Reboilers
  • Steam-Heated Reboilers
  • Hot Oil
  • Fired Heaters
  • Feed Preheater
  • Economizer

5 Applying Feedforward

  • Feed Flow and Composition
  • Internal Reflux Control
  • Extreme Feedforward
  • Feedforward for Bottoms Level
  • Feedforward for Column Pressure
  • Product Compositions

6 Unit Optimization

  • Energy and Separation
  • Optimization of a Column
  • Constraints in Distillation Columns
  • Control Configurations for Single Constraint
  • Control Configurations for Multiple Constraints

7 Double-End Composition Control

  • Defining the Problem
  • Options for Composition Control
  • Relative Gain
  • Relative Gains from Open Loop Sensitivities
  • Relative Gains for Other Configurations
  • Ratios for Manipulated Variables
  • Effect of Operating Objectives
  • MPC

8 Complex Towers

  • Heat Integration
  • Side Heater/Side Cooler
  • Sidestreams
  • Withdrawing a Liquid Sidestream
  • Withdrawing a Vapor Sidestream
  • Composition Control in Sidestream Towers


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Distillation Control
An Engineering Perspective
by Cecil L. Smith

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