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Drug Targeting Technology:
Physical • Chemical • Biological Methods

edited by Hans Schreier

Demonstrates how substitution of a variety of ligands can render albumin a versatile targeting tool for selective drug accumulation in various cell populations of the liver!

Drug Targeting Technology discusses physical, chemical, and biological approaches to drug targeting technology, focusing on oral, dispersed system, topical, dermal, transdermal, and inhalation delivery, and the development of original formulations that are matched by innovative device design.

Considers the efforts in biotechnology and molecular biology to produce intelligent drug delivery devices by exploiting biological pathways!

Containing over 1100 references to facilitate further study, Drug Targeting Technology:

  • updates recent progress in oral and colonic targeting technology using pH- and enzyme-sensitive coating materials and novel polymer systems
  • shows how the systemic distribution of drugs can be modulated by lipid-based carriers taking alternative routes of transport, particularly lymph flow
  • details soft drugs that are rapidly metabolized to inactive and nontoxic metabolites and removed efficiently from the body
  • includes successful designs of virus-like liposomal delivery systems that offer the advantages of viral carriers
  • supplies examples of how viral delivery systems can be directed to cancer sites
  • and more!

Suggesting harnessing biological processes as the ultimate approach to the delivery or expression of pharmacologically active agents, Drug Targeting Technology is a top-shelf reference for pharmacists, pharmacologists, and pharmaceutical scientists; analytical, surface, physical, and colloid chemists and biochemists; and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.


  1. Physical Targeting Approaches
    • Enteric Targeting Through Enteric Coating
    • New Experimental Coating Material for Colon-Specific Drug Delivery
    • Pharmacokinetic Considerations in the Design of Pulmonary Drug Delivery Systems for Glucocorticoids
    • Lipid-Based Formulations for Oral Administration: Opportunities for Bioavailability Enhancement and Lipoprotein Targeting of Lipophilic Drugs
    • Topical Application of Drugs: Mechanisms Involved in Chemical Enhancement

  2. Chemical Targeting Approaches
    • Drug Targeting by Retrometabolic Design: Soft Drugs and Chemical Delivery Systems
    • Neoglyco- and Neopeptide Albumins for Cell-Specific Delivery of Drugs to Chronically Diseased Livers

  3. Biological Targeting Approaches
    • Gene Delivery with Artificial Viral Envelopes
    • Evolution of Viral Liposomes: Improvements and Applications
    • Targeting of Viral Vectors for Cancer Gene Therapy

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Drug Targeting Technology:
Physical • Chemical • Biological Methods

edited by Hans Schreier
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