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Durability of Engineering Structures
by Jan Bijen

  • Explains why structures often deteriorate before they should because of poor design and explains the how to design structures effectively for their planned service life
  • Describes the in situ performance of all the major man-made materials used in civil engineering construction
  • Explains the latest standards on durability and repair
  • Discusses strategies for durability, maintenance and repair, including life cycle costing and environmental life cycle assessment methods

Durability of Engineering Structures introduces novel concepts in design for service life, maintenance strategies, and repair techniques. It provides technical knowledge for assessing the service life of structures and for taking measures to safeguard the functioning of a structure during its service life.

Metals, concrete, and wood construction materials receive in-depth attention, each in its own chapter, while another chapter explores various high-performance materials, including fibre-reinforced polymers. For all of these materials, the discussions include deterioration mechanisms and measures to counteract them, as well as maintenance and repair techniques. The final chapter presents some illuminating case studies.

Armed with a solid understanding of durability, it is possible to assess a structure over its whole design service life, including the usage phase. Life-cycle costing and environmental life-cycle assessment then become possible, and ultimately, millions of dollars in repair costs could be saved. Durability of Engineering Structures builds that understanding and should be required reading for all civil and structural engineers and architects.


  1. Metals
    • General
    • Corrosion Mechanisms
    • Corrosion Types
    • Metal Corrosion in Practice
    • Protection of Metals

  2. Concrete
    • Introduction
    • Chemical Degradation Mechanisms
    • Frost-Thaw (de-icing salt) Damage
    • Reinforcement Corrosion
    • Principles of Protection and Repair of Concrete Structures
    • Repair Mortars
    • Crack Repair Methods
    • Protective Surface Treatments
    • Cathodic Protection Systems
    • Practical Cases of Repair

  3. Wood
    • Introduction
    • Deterioration
    • Protection
    • Hazard and Durability Classes
    • Maintenance and Restoration
    • Repair

  4. New High-Performance Materials
    • Introduction
    • High-Performance Concrete
    • High-Performance Steel
    • Fibre Reinforced Polymers

  5. Strategies from Durability Design, Maintenance and Repair
    • Introduction
    • Definitions
    • Listing of Deterioration Mechanisms and Effects
    • The Deem-to-Satisfy Approach and the Performance-Based Approach to Design for Service Life
    • Probabilistic Approach to Service Life Design
    • Redundancy and Over-Design
    • Maintenance Strategies
    • Life Cycle Cost
    • Environmental Life Cycle Assessment

  6. Cases
    • Introduction
    • Specification
    • Case 1: Steel and Concrete Bridges in a Hot Marine Environment
    • Repair of Reinforced Concrete Floors
    • Wooden Piles

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Durability of Engineering Structures
by Jan Bijen
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