DVDs from C.H.I.P.S.

Acland's DVD Atlas of Human Anatomy—6 DVD Set 194.00
Advanced Animal Genetics DVD (Herring) 99.00
Advanced Quality Grading: Slaughter Cattle DVD (Williams) 99.00
AI: Striving for Perfection (Artificial Insemination) DVD Training 65.00
All About Ice DVD 1: 12 Steps to Ice Carving (Winker) 65.00
All About Ice DVD 2: How to Carve the Winker Vase 65.00
All About Ice DVD 3: How to Carve the Wedding Swan 65.00
Art of Landscaping: Design DVD 85.00
Art of Landscaping DVD 78.00
Art of Reading Smoke DVD (Dodson) 79.00
Art of Reading Smoke: Practice Sessions DVD (Dodson) 78.00
Basic Animal and Human Body Systems DVD 315.00
Basic Animal Science DVD 115.00
Basic Companion Animal Care DVD 75.00
Basic Kitchen Preparation DVD 99.95
Basic Poultry Reproduction DVD 89.00
Basics of Sauce Making • DVD Training Set—Foodservice Learning Solutions (CIA) 320.00
Basic Steps of Baking Bread and Laminating Dough DVD Training (CIA) 99.95
Beef Cattle Management Practices DVD 114.00
Beef Cattle Management Practices I DVD 79.00
Beef Cattle Management Practices II DVD 79.00
Beef Cut Judging DVD 49.00
Beef Grading: Quality DVD 99.00
Beef Grading: Yield DVD 99.00
Beef Retail Cut ID DVD 75.00
Better Breads DVD 1: Simplified Bread Baking—Baguette to Pretzel (Hitz) 59.95
Better Breads DVD 2: Simplified Bread Baking—Laminated and Sweet Doughs (Hitz) 59.95
Better Breads DVD 3: Simplified Bread Baking—Enriched Doughs (Hitz) 59.95
Better Breads DVD 4: Simplified Bread Baking—Quick Breads (Hitz) 59.95
Better Breads 4-DVD Set—DVDs 1-4 (Hitz) 229.95
Better Breads DVD 5: Shaping Bread: Creating Variety through Form (Hitz) 59.95
Better Breads DVD 6: Sourdough Breads I (Hitz) 59.95
Better Breads DVD 7: Sourdough Breads II (Hitz) 59.95
Better Breads DVD 8: Wood-Fired Baking and Cuisine (Hitz) 59.95
Better Breads 4-DVD Set—DVDs 5-8 (Hitz) 229.95
Bread Art DVD # 1: Decorative Breads for the Professional—Yeasted Dough Techniques (Ciril Hitz) 69.95
Bread Art DVD # 2: Decorative Breads for the Professional—Non-Yeasted Dough Techniques (Ciril Hitz) 69.95
Bread Art DVD # 3: Decorative Breads for the Professional—Building a Competition Piece (Ciril Hitz) 69.95
Bread Art 3-DVD Set: Decorative Breads for the Professional (Ciril Hitz) 199.95
Broiler Breeder Evaluation DVD 65.00
Buffet and Station Fundamentals DVD Volume 1 139.95
Buffet and Station Fundamentals DVD Volume 1 139.95
Buffet and Station Fundamentals 2-DVD Set 249.95
Cake Art DVD (Culinary Institute of America) 49.95
Captivating Confections DVD: Brittles and More (CIA) 99.00
Captivating Confections DVD: Filled Chocolates (CIA) 99.00
Captivating Confections DVD: Hand-Formed Chocolates (CIA) 99.00
Captivating Confections • 3 DVD Set (CIA) 295.00
Carcass Judging DVD 59.00
Cattle Breed ID: Composites—DVD 85.00
Cattle Breed ID: Continental—DVD 70.00
Cattle Breed ID: Dairy—DVD 70.00
Chocolate Decoration Techniques DVD (Ewald Notter) 129.00
Complete Waitstaff Training Course—DVD English 149.95
Complete Waitstaff Training Course—DVD Spanish 149.95
Cooking Methods DVD: Dry Heat Methods Volume 1 99.95
Cooking Methods DVD: Dry Heat Methods Volume 2 99.95
Cooking Methods DVD: Moist Heat Methods 99.95
Cooking Methods • 3 DVD Set 275.00
Courtesy Rules! Better Telephone Skills Now DVD 168.95
Culinary Carving and Plate Decorating DVD (Rosen) 49.95
Culinary Knives DVD: Knife Care 119.95
Culinary Knives DVD: Knife Skills 119.95
Culinary Knives • 2 DVD Set 199.95
Dairy Cattle Judging and Evaluation DVD 195.00
Dairy Cattle Judging: Cows DVD 99.00
Dairy Cattle Judging: Fundamentals DVD Training 99.00
Dairy Cattle Judging: Heifers DVD 99.00
Dairy Cattle Judging: Oral Reasons DVD 99.00
Dairy Cow DVD 49.00
Dairy Judging: Practice DVD 95.00
Dairy Plant: Field Trip DVD 95.00
Digestive Systems of Livestock: A Basic Look DVD 125.00
Dimensions in Food Textures: Preparation and Feeding Techniques for Special Needs Children DVD + Workbook 129.95
Diseases: Mad Cow & Foot and Mouth DVD Training (Blanton) 115.00
Egg Grading DVD 99.00
Egg Production DVD 95.00
Embryo Transfer DVD 125.00
Equine Reproduction DVD 115.00
Equine Reproduction: Foaling DVD 99.00
Equine Science and Management DVD 499.00
Evaluating Ready-to-Cook Turkeys and Broilers DVD 99.00
Exceeding Expectations: Service Tips & Techniques to Keep Your Customers Coming Back DVD Training (Culinary Institute of America)99.95
Excel Beef Plant: Fabrication DVD 125.00
Excel Beef Plant: Slaughter DVD 150.00
Excel Pork Plant: Fabrication DVD 125.00
Excel Pork Plant: Slaughter DVD 150.00
Fertilizers and the Environment DVD 89.00
Field Dressing Skinning and Processing Your Deer - DVD Training (Klemke) 80.00
Field Trip: Cattle Research Feedlot DVD 79.00
Field Trip: Feedyard DVD 79.00
Firefighter Survival Techniques from Prevention to Intervention DVD (Ricci) 78.00
Food Additives: Fact or Fiction? DVD 99.00
Food Safety DVD 299.00
Food Safety and Sanitation DVD 125.00
Food Safety Dairy Details DVD 115.00
Food Safety: Fish and Shellfish Safety DVD 115.00
Food Service Equipment DVD 85.00
Food Service Tools DVD 85.00
Food Technology: Irradiation DVD 115.00
Forb ID - DVD Training (McMullan) 55.00
4-in-1 Housekeeping DVD 450.00
Front Desk: First Impressions DVD 223.95
Fundamental Animal Microgenetics DVD Training (Webster 99.00
Fundamental Horse Hoof Care DVD 89.00
Fundamental Livestock Parturition DVD 89.00
Garde Manger • DVD Training Set—Foodservice Learning Solutions (CIA) 320.00
Gluten -Free Baking DVD (Culinary Institute of America) 49.95
Grass ID 1 DVD Training (McMullan) 55.00
Grass ID 2 DVD Training (McMullan) 55.00
Guide to Handling Frozen Semen and Embryos DVD Training 199.00
Healthy Palate DVD (Culinary Institute of America) 125.00
Horse Judging: Practice DVD (Pipkin) 95.00
Housekeeping DVD—3-in-1 Package 424.00
How to Garnish DVD • English 49.95
How to Garnish DVD • Spanish 49.95
How to Judge Halter Horses DVD (Pipkin) 95.00
How to Judge Hunter Under Saddle DVD (Pipkin) 79.00
How to Judge Reining DVD (Pipkin) 79.00
How to Judge Trail DVD (Topliff) 79.00
How to Judge Western Pleasure DVD (Pipkin) 79.00
How to Judge Western Riding DVD (Pipkin) 79.00
ID of Poultry Parts and Patty Judging DVD 65.00
Introduction to Biotechnology DVD 150.00
Introduction to Foodborne Illness DVD 115.00
Introduction to Greenhouse Management DVD 85.00
Introduction to Poultry Judging DVD 65.00
Irrigating the Land DVD 89.00
Keats & Kahn's Roentgen Atlas of Skeletal Maturation DVD (Kahn) 188.00
Lamb Cut ID DVD 65.00
Landscape Design: Introduction DVD 85.00
Legume and Wood Plant ID - DVD Training (McMullan) 49.00
Linear Evaluation and Final Score Assignment DVD 95.00
Livestock Grading DVD (Williams) 117.00
Livestock Grading: Feeder Cattle DVD (Williams) 95.00
Livestock Grading: Slaughter Cattle DVD (Williams) 95.00
Livestock Grading: Slaughter Hog DVD (Williams) 95.00
Livestock Industry DVD (Jackson) 115.00
Livestock Judging DVD (Schaake) 273.00
Livestock Judging: Breeding Gilt Evaluation DVD (Brock) 99.00
Livestock Judging: Breeding Heifer Evaluation DVD (Elliott) 99.00
Livestock Judging: Breed Sheep Evaluation DVD 99.00
Livestock Judging: Classes, Critiques & Reasons - I DVD (Rathmann) 195.00
Livestock Judging: Fundamentals DVD 99.00
Livestock Judging: Market Hog Evaluation DVD (Brock) 99.00
Livestock Judging: Market Lamb Evaluation DVD 99.00
Livestock Judging: Market Steer Evaluation DVD 99.00
Livestock Judging: Oral Reasons DVD (Craddock) 99.00
Livestock Judging: Practice 1 DVD (Elliot) 95.00
Livestock Judging: Practice Classes I DVD (Rathmann) 195.00
Livestock Reproduction DVD 99.00
Lodging Safety Works DVD 224.95
Masterful Banquet Service DVD Volume 1: Service Arts Professional Training and Development Guide (Palazzolo) 129.95
Mayo Clinic Procedural Training Manual DVD (Lennon) 148.95
Meat Judging and Grading DVD 297.00
Meat Judging: Fundamentals DVD 99.00
Meat Judging: Practice DVD 99.00
Meringue, Vanilla Sauce and Pastry Cream DVD Training (CIA) 99.95
Oral Reasons for Horse Judging DVD (Pipkin) 79.00
Perfect Match: Wine and Food DVD (CIA) 79.00
Pesticides and Herbicides: An Introduction DVD89.00
Pesticides in Agriculture DVD 50.00
Pork and Lamb Cut Judging DVD 49.00
Pork Retail Cut ID DVD 65.00
Poultry Reproduction: Female DVD 75.00
Poultry Reproduction: Male DVD 75.00
Practice Beef Carcass Judging—DVD 49.00
Practice Cattle Breed ID—DVD 100.00
Practice Dairy Cattle Judging 1 DVD 49.00
Practice Dairy Cow Judging DVD 49.00
Practice Dairy Heifer Judging DVD 49.00
Practice Horse Judging: Contest 1—DVD 195.00
Practice Horse Judging: Halter 1 DVD (Householder) 49.00
Practice Horse Judging: Performance 1—DVD 175.00
Practice Horse Judging: Performance 2—DVD 175.00
Practice Livestock Grading 1—DVD (Beeler) 195.00
Practice Livestock Grading 2—DVD (Beeler) 195.00
Practice Livestock Grading 3—DVD (Beeler) 195.00
Practice Livestock Judging 1—DVD Training (McCann) 195.00
Practice Retail Cut Judging DVD 49.00
Preventive Guestroom Maintenance DVD 223.95
Ready Response: Diversity and Discrimination DVD Training 229.00
Recipe Costing: The Bottom Line DVD (CIA) 79.00
Red Meat and Poultry Safety and Preservation DVD 115.00
Residential Electrical Wiring Skills DVD 95.00
Retail Cut ID 1 DVD 195.00
Ruminant Digestive Systems: A Closer Look DVD 125.00
Sales Tactics in a Tough Economy DVD 179.95
Sauce Making DVD (Culinary Institute of America) 99.95
Scientific Procedures and Safety DVD (Koohmaraie) 99.00
Sheep Management Practices DVD 115.00
Simply Beautiful Garnishes • 3 Part DVD99.95
Sugar Decoration with Ewald Notter DVD 129.00
Surgical DVD of Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Procedures of the Breast (Della Rovere) 128.95
Swine Breeds ID DVD 99.00
Swine Management Practices DVD 115.00
TEE on DVD: An Interactive Resource version 2.0 (Konstadt) 228.00
Telephone Etiquette DVD: Your Line to Success 75.00
Tree ID - DVD Training (Robinson) 79.00
Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Blocks on DVD—2-DVD Package (Delbos) 359.00
Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Blocks on DVD—Lower Limbs (Delbos) 194.00
Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Blocks on DVD—Upper Limbs (Delbos) 194.00
Understanding Foodborne Pathogens DVD 115.00
Water Resources DVD 110.00
Wine Service for Waitstaff DVD 69.95
Would Your Restaurant Kitchen Pass Inspection DVD 115.00
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