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The Economics

Costs and Benefits
edited by
Laurian J. Unnevehr

The Economics of HACCP: Costs and Benefits assesses the cost effectiveness of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system for improving food safety. The HACCP system is widely used in the food industry and has been mandated by U.S. federal regulation, and by many other industrialized nations for several sectors of the food industry. This book explains the impact of HACCP on food markets, food companies, and consumers worldwide.

Anyone using HACCP or implementing a HACCP program will benefit by reading this book. Case studies and real-world examples provide information about how to operate a successful cost-effective HACCP program.

This book demonstrates the extent and importance of HACCP in the food industry. It includes international comparisons of HACCP implementation and its use in different parts of the food production chain. By including studies on the economic costs-benefits of HACCP, this volume investigates why the food industry is adopting HACCP. Presenting the first studies of the U.S. experience with HACCP, this book provides a complete understanding of the impact of mandating HACCP through government regulation.

The Economics of HACCP: Costs and Benefits is an essential assessment tool for agricultural and consumer economists, microbiologists, consultants and food industry professionals in quality assurance, research and development, and management.


  1. HACCP and Food Safety as Public Policy Issues in the United States
    1. USDA Research Needs in Food Safety

      Analyzing the Impact of HACCP Regulations in the U.S.

    2. HACCP Adoption in the U.S. Food Industry.
    3. HACCP in Pork Processing: Costs and Benefits.
    4. The Cost of HACCP Implementation in the Seafood Industry: A Case Study of Breaded Fish.
    5. Measuring the Costs and Benefits of Interventions at Different Points in the Production Process: Lessons, Questions, and Comments.
    6. The Cost of Quality in the Meat Industry: Implications for HACCP Regulation.
    7. HACCP Principles for Regulatory Analysis
    8. Benefit-Cost Analysis of Reducing Salmonella Enteritidis: Regulating Shell Eggs Refrigeration.

      Measuring the Distributional Impact of U.S. HACCP Regulations.

    9. The Distributional Effects of Food Safety Regulation in the Egg Industry.
    10. The Costs, Benefits and Distributional Consequences of Improvements in Food Safety: The Case of HACCP.

      Market Incentives for Quality and Safety Improvement

    11. Market Influences on Sanitation and Process Control Deficiencies in Selected U.S. Slaughter Industries.
    12. The Cost of an Outbreak in the Fresh Strawberry Market.
    13. Cost-Effective Hazard Control in Food Handling.
    14. A Real Option Approach to Valuing Food Safety Risks.
    15. Economic Efficiency Analysis of HACCP in the U.S. Red Meat Industry

  2. International Perspectives on HACCP Costs and Benefits
      Implications of HACCP for Vertical Coordination
    1. HACCP, Vertical Coordination and Competitiveness in the Food Industry.
    2. The Vertical Organization of Food Chains and Health and Safety Efforts.

      HACCP in Food Retailing

    3. Applying HACCP to Small Retailers and Caterers: A Cost Benefit Approach.
    4. The 1996 E. coli O157 Outbreak and the Introduction of HACCP in Japan.
    5. Analysis of Implementation and Costs of HACCP System in Food services Industries in the County of Campinas, Brazil.

      HACCP Costs and Benefits

    6. Costs and Benefits of Implementing HACCP in the UK Dairy Processing Sector.
    7. HACCP and the Dairy Industry: An Overview of International and U.S. Experiences.
    8. Costs to Upgrade the Bangladesh Frozen Shrimp Processing Sector to Adequate Technical and Sanitary Standards and to Maintain a HACCP Program.
    9. The Economics of HACCP Application in Argentine Fish Products.

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    The Economics of HACCP: Costs and Benefits
    edited by Laurian J. Unnevehr
    2000 • 412 pages • $98.00 + shipping
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