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EDA for IC Implementation, Circuit Design, and Process Technology
Volume 2

by Louis Scheffer

EDA for IC Implementation, Circuit Design, and Process Technology provides a convenient, comprehensive reference focused on the back-end aspects of EDA.


  • Presents thorough coverage of the back-end aspects of EDA for implementation, physical design, and manufacturability
  • Focuses on the major areas involved in physical design, including process simulation, device modeling, and layout extraction
  • Provides a general introduction to each topic as well as a survey of state-of-the-art tools and methods
  • Features contributions from top experts in their respective areas from leading industrial and academic institutions around the world


RTL to GDS-II, or Synthesis, Place, and Route

Design Flows

  • Invention
  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • Future Scaling Challenges

Logic Synthesis

  • Behavioral and Register Transfer-Level Synthesis
  • Two-Level Minimization
  • Multilevel Logic Minimization
  • Enabling Technologies for Logic Synthesis
  • Sequential Optimization
  • Physical Synthesis
  • Multivalued Logic Synthesis

Power Analysis and Optimization from Circuit to Register-Transfer Levels

  • Power Analysis
  • Circuit-Level Power Optimization
  • Logic Synthesis for Low Power

Equivalence Checking

  • Equivalence Checking Problem
  • Boolean Reasoning
  • Combinational Equivalence Checking
  • Sequential Equivalence Checking

Digital Layout - Placement

  • Global Placement
  • Detailed Placement and Legalizers
  • Placement Trends
  • Academic and Industrial Placers

Static Timing Analysis

  • Representation of Combinational and Sequential Circuits
  • Gate Delay Models
  • Timing Analysis for Combinational Circuits
  • Timing Analysis for Sequential Circuits
  • Clocking Disciplines: Edge-Triggered Circuits
  • Clocking and Clock-Skew Optimization
  • Statistical Static Timing Analysis

Structured Digital Design

  • Datapaths
  • Programmable Logic Arrays
  • Memory and Register Files
  • Structured Chip Design


  • Types of Routers
  • A Brief History of Routing
  • Common Routing Algorithms
  • Additional Router Considerations

Exploring Challenges of Libraries for Electronic Design

  • What Does It Mean to Design Libraries
  • How Did We Get Here, Anyway?
  • Commercial Efforts
  • What Makes the Effort Easier?
  • The Enemies of Progress
  • Environments That Drive Progress
  • Libraries and What They Contain

Design Closure

  • Current Practice
  • The Future of Design Closure

Tools for Chip-Package Codesign

  • Drivers for Chip-Package Codesign
  • Digital System Codesign Issues
  • Mixed-Signal Codesign Issues
  • I/O Buffer Interface Standard and Other Macromodels

Design Databases

  • Modern Database Examples
  • Fundamental Features
  • Advanced Features
  • Technology Data
  • Library Data and Structures: Design-Data Management
  • Interoperability

FPGA Synthesis and Physical Design

  • System-Level Tools
  • Logic Synthesis
  • Physical Design
  • Looking Forward

Analog and Mixed-Signal Design

Simulation of Analog and RF Circuits and Systems

  • Differential-Algebraic Equations for Circuits via Modified Nodal Analysis
  • Device Methods
  • Basic Circuit Simulation: DC Analysis
  • Steady-State Analysis
  • Multitime Analysis
  • Noise in RF Design

Simulation and Modeling for Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits

  • Top-Down Mixed-Signal Design Methodology
  • Mixed-Signal and Behavioral Simulation
  • Analog Behavioral and Power Model Generation Techniques
  • Symbolic Analysis of Analog Circuits

Layout Tools for Analog Integrated Circuits and Mixed-Signal Systems-on-Chip: A Survey

  • Analog Layout Problems and Approaches
  • Analog Cell Layout Strategies
  • Mixed-Signal System Layout
  • Field-Programmable Analog Arrays

Physical Verification

Design Rule Checking

  • Geometric Algorithms for Physical Verification
  • Hierarchical Data Structures
  • Time Complexity of Hierarchical Analysis
  • Connectivity Models
  • Parallel Computing
  • Future Roles for Verification

Resolution Enhancement Techniques and Mask Data Preparation

  • Lithographic Effects
  • RET for Smaller k1
  • Software Implementations of RET Solutions
  • Mask Data Preparation

Design for Manufacturability in the Nanometer Era

  • Taxonomy of Yield Loss Mechanisms
  • Logic Design for Manufacturing
  • Parametric Design for Manufacturing Methodologies
  • Design for Manufacturing Integration in the Design Flow: Yield-Aware Physical Synthesis

Design and Analysis of Power Supply Networks

  • Voltage-Drop Analysis Modes
  • Linear System Solution Techniques
  • Models for Power Distribution Networks

Noise Considerations in Digital ICs

  • Why Has Noise Become a Problem for Digital Chips?
  • Noise Effects in Digital Designs
  • Static Noise Analysis
  • Electrical Analysis
  • Fixing Noise Problems

Layout Extraction

  • Early History
  • Problem Analysis
  • System Capabilities
  • Converting Drawn Geometrics to Actual Geometrics
  • Designed Device Extraction
  • Connectivity Extraction
  • Parasitic Resistance Extraction
  • Capacitance Extraction Techniques
  • Inductance Extraction Techniques
  • Network Reduction
  • Process Variation

Mixed-Signal Noise Coupling in System-on-Chip Design: Modeling, Analysis, and Validation

  • Mechanisms and Effects of Mixed-Signal Noise Coupling
  • Modeling of Mixed-Signal Noise Coupling
  • Mixed-Signal Noise Measurement and Validation
  • Application to Placement and Power Distribution Synthesis

Technology CAD

Process Simulation

  • Process Simulation Methods
  • Ion Implantation
  • Diffusion
  • Oxidation
  • Etch and Deposition
  • Lithography and Photoresist Modeling
  • Silicidation
  • Mechanics Modeling
  • Putting It All Together

Device Modeling - From Physics to Electrical Parameter Extraction

  • MOS Technology and Intrinsic Device Modeling
  • Parasitic Junction and Inhomogeneous Substrate Effects
  • Device Technology Alternative

High-Accuracy Parasitic Extraction

  • Extraction via Fast Integral Equation Methods
  • Statistical Capacitance Extraction


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EDA for Implementation, Circuit Design, and Process Technology Volume 2:
by Louis Scheffer
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EDA for IC System Design, Verification, and Testing Volume 1:
by Louis Scheffer
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