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Electronic Noses and Sensor Array Based Systems
Design and Applications
edited by W. Jeffrey Hurst

This book serves as a focal point for user exchange, new applications, and current state-of-the-art and future trends in the area of sensor array instrumentation.

Electronic Noses and Sensor Array Based Systems provides an effective representation of applications, technology, and future trends.


  • State-of-the-art advances in characterizing and quantifying odors and volatile compounds

  • Effects and treatments of off-odors

  • Fast and reliable methods for quality control analysis, management, and control

  • Multi-sensor arrays and associated pattern analysis techniques


  • Harvest Maturity and Storage Temperature Affect Volatile Profiles of Ripe Tomato Fruits: Electronic Nose and Gas Chromatographic Analyses.
  • The Electronic Nose: Studies on the Fundamental Response and Discriminative ower of Metal-Oxide Sensors
  • Strategies for Improving the Analysis of Volatile Organiz Compounds Using GC-Based Electronic Nose
  • Use of an Electronic Nose to Classify Different Types of Italian Cheeses
  • Evaluation of an Electronic Nose for Use in the Meat Industry
  • Ink-Jet Printed and High Sensitivity Conducting Polymer Odor Sensors for Oliv Oil Olfactory Assessment
  • Feature Extraction for a Hybrid Gas Sensing System
  • A Systematic Approach for Tuning Microhotplate Chemical Gas Sensors
  • Developments and Trends in QCM Odor Sensing Systems
  • Evaluation and Optimization of an Electronic Nose
  • Modular Chemical Sensor Systems: the MOSES II Approach
  • Microbial, Sensory and Electronic Nose Evaluation of Pasteurized Whole Milk
  • Electronic Nose Odor Evaluation of Salmon Fillets Stored at Different Temperatures
  • Odor and Microbiological Evaluation of Raw Tuna: Correlation of Sensory and Electronic Nose Data
  • Evaluation of the Odor of Decomposition in Raw and Cooked Shrimp: Correlation of Electronic Nose Readings, Odor Sensory Evaluation and Ammonia Levels
  • A New Chemical Sensor on a Mass Spectrometric Basis—Development and Applications
  • Examples of Applications of an Electronic Nose to the Analysis of Volatile Compounds Secreted Outside the Human Body
  • Discrimination of Spirits with an Opto-Electronic Nose
  • A Pilot-Plant Study of an Automated Quality Control Electronic Nose for the Monitoring of Dry Cured Hams
  • Optimization of Fox Sensor Array System for QC Packaging in Factory Environment, Robustness, Sample Throughput and Transferability
  • Optimization of Fox Sensory Array System for QC Packaging in Factory Environment, Robustness, Sample Throughput and Transferability
  • Intensity and Quality Discrimination Using the Fox4000 Gas Sensor Array System
  • Strategies for Solving Odor Problems Related to Synthetic Industrial Chemicals
  • Rapid Fruit Cultivar Identification by an Artificial Olfactory System
  • Investigations on Peppermint Oils Using Electronic Noses
  • A New Mass Spectrometry-Based Electonic Nose for Headspace Characterization
  • Electronic Nose for Monitoring Cocoa Beans Aroma
  • Factors Affecting Sensory and Electronic Nose Threshold Values for Food Aroma Compounds
  • Conducting Polymer Sensor Arrays
  • Gas Sensor Arrays for Contaminated Soils


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Electronic Noses and Sensor Array
Based Systems: Design and Applications

edited by W. Jeffrey Hurst
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