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Electronic Filter Simulation & Design
by Giovanni Bianchi

Electronic Filter Simulation & Design shows you how to apply simulation methods and commercially available software to catch errors early in the design stage and streamline your design process.

Using 150 detailed illustrations, this hands-on resource examines cutting-edge simulation methods for lumped passive filters…active RC filters…low-pass and band-stop distributed filters…high-pass and band-pass distributed filters…high-frequency filters…discrete time filters…and much more.

The book also contains a skills-building CD with files for major case studies covered in the text, together with demo versions of Mathcad and SIMetrix, so that you can work the examples and adapt them to their own projects.

Electronic Filter Simulation & Design features:

  • A wealth of synthesis procedures for design
  • Expert guidance on filter verification via simulation
  • The latest design techniques for high-frequency filters
  • A valuable CD


1. Basic Concepts

  • Basic Definitions
  • Mathematical Background
  • Filter Responses
  • Approximations of the Ideal Low-Pass Characteristic
  • Time Response
  • Representation of 2-Port Linear Networks

2. Lumped Passive Filters

  • Lumped Passive 2-Port Networks
  • Impedance and Frequency Normalization of a Low-Pass Filter
  • Image Parameters for Low-Pass Filters
  • Polynomial Low-Pass Filters
  • Polynomial High-Pass, Band-Pass, and Notch Filters
  • Complementary Filters
  • Limitations on Lumped Passive Filters

3. Active RC Filters

  • Operational Amplifiers
  • Active Filters Simulating Passive LC Ladder Networks
  • Low-Pass Filters Realization with Bi-Quad Cells
  • Active High-Pass Filters
  • Band-Pass Active Filters
  • Active Notch Filters
  • All-Pass Filters
  • Performances of the Active RC Filters

4. Transmission Lines

  • Definitions
  • Telegraphist Equation of the Uniform Multicoupled Transmission Lines
  • Admittance Matrix of the TEM Multicoupled Lines
  • Isolated Transmission Lines
  • Symmetrical Coupled Lines
  • Additional Analyses of Multicoupled Lines
  • Additional Considerations About Transmission

5. Low-Pass and Band-Stop Distributed Filters

  • Semi-Lumped Low-Pass Filters
  • Richards Transform
  • Redundant Networks
  • Band-Stop Filters

6. High-Pass and Band-Pass Distributed Filters

  • Semi-Lumped High-Pass Filters
  • Comb-Line Filters
  • Periodic Band-Pass Filters
  • Interdigital Filters
  • Direct-Coupled Stub Filters
  • Edge-Coupled Filters
  • Other Types of Pass-Band Filters and Design Techniques
  • Pass-Band Filter Synthesis with the Coupling Coefficients

7. Special Designs of High-Frequency Filters

  • Multiplexers
  • Tunable Filters
  • Active Filters
  • Pseudo-Elliptic Filters
  • High-Power Filters

8. Discrete-Time Filters

  • Mathematical Background
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Digital Filters
  • Switched-Capacitor Filters

9. Waveguide Filters

  • Propagation in Waveguides
  • Reactive Elements in Waveguide
  • Shunt-Inductive Loaded Filter
  • Cross-Coupled Cavity Filters
  • Dual-Mode Cavity Filters
  • Low-Pass Filters


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Eletronic Filter Simulation & Design
by Giovanni Bianchi
2007 • 606 pages • $124.00 + shipping
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