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Emergency Responder Training Manual
for the Hazardous Materials Technician

Second Edition
by Kenneth W. Oldfield

The most comprehensive hazmat emergency response training manual following NFPA and OSHA competency criteria!

Hazardous materials emergency response is an inherently dangerous occupation. To mitigate the risks, professionals over the past decade have learned to rely on Emergency Responder Training Manual for the Hazardous Materials Technician for its practical and innovative approach, real-world proven methods of delivery, and ease of use.

But as influential and invaluable as the first edition was, the inalterable transformation of the public and private hazmat response fields since its publication now requires its revision and updating. This Second Edition, still the most comprehensive resource on the market for addressing the training needs of personnel who respond to hazmat emergencies, has been expanded to include:

  • Emergency response to terrorism incidents, including incident command, site control, personal protective equipment, air monitoring, and more
  • Updated information on revised OSHA regulations, including the respiratory protection standard, focusing on both its requirements and its application
  • Competency criteria mandated in the National Fire Protection Association's standard on emergency response
  • Emphasis on the Unified Command structure as part of the Incident Command System for managing large incidents
  • And much more!

Emergency Responder Training Manual for the Hazardous Materials Technician provides the knowledge, experience, and insights of a veteran author team with over eight decades of combined academic and practical hazmat experience. Organized to lead the practitioner from preplanning to dispatch to stabilization of an incident, it remains the number-one resource for training personnel who must respond—— with speed and effectiveness—— to emergencies involving hazardous materials.


  1. Introduction to Hazardous Materials
  2. Response Laws, Regulations, Standards, and Other Policies
  3. Planning for Hazardous Materials Response
  4. Incident Management System
  5. Incident Assessment and Initial Actions of Responders
  6. Chemical Hazard Assessment
  7. Human Health Effects
  8. Physical Hazards of Emergency Response
  9. Air Surveillance
  10. Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction
  11. Site Control
  12. Personal Protective Equipment
  13. Decontamination
  14. Basic Hazardous Materials Control
  15. Advanced Hazardous Materials Control
  16. Mental Stress in Emergency Response


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Emergency Responder Training Manual for the Hazardous Materials Technician 2nd Edition
by Kenneth W. Oldfield et al
2005 • 620 pages • $114.00 + shipping

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