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Emerging Wireless Multimedia
Services and Technologies
by A. K. Salkintzis

Features of Emerging Wireless Multimedia:

  • Covers a complete range of multimedia hot topics, ranging from audio/video coding techniques to multimedia protocols and applications
  • Discusses QoS issues in WLANs, 3G and hybrid 3G/WLAN networks
  • Provides in-depth discussion of the most modern multimedia services, such as Push-to-Talk, Instant Messaging, Presence, mobile payments, MMS, WAP, and location-based multimedia services
  • Addresses the emerging Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service (MBMS) and the key aspects of IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) in 3G networks
  • Numerous on-line references will assist readers in their quest for the most up-to-date information


  1. Introduction

    • Evolving Towards Wireless Multimedia Networks
    • Multimedia Over Wireless
    • Multimedia Services in WLANs
    • Multimedia Services in WPANs
    • Multimedia Services in 3G Networks
    • Multimedia Services for the Enterprise
    • Hybrid Multimedia Networks and Seamless Mobility

Part One Multimedia Enabling Technologies

  1. Multimedia Coding Techniques for Wireless Networks

    • Basics of Compression
    • Understanding Speech Characteristics
    • Three Types of Speech Compressors
    • Speech Coding Standards
    • Understanding Video Characteristics
    • Video Compression Standards

  2. Multimedia Transport Protocols for Wireless Networks

    • Networked Multimedia-based Services
    • Classification of Real-time Services
    • Adaptation at the Video Encoding Level
    • Quality of Service Issues for Real-time Multimedia Services
    • Protocols for Multimedia-based Communication Over the Wireless Internet
    • Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP)
    • RTP Payload Types
    • RTP in 3G

  3. Multimedia Control Protocols for Wireless Networks

    • A Premier on the Control Plane of Existing Multimedia Standards
    • Protocol for Describing Multimedia Sessions: SDP
    • Control Protocols for Media Streaming
    • Session Setup: The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
    • Advanced SIP Features for Wireless Networks
    • Multimedia Control Panel in UMTS: IMS
    • Research Challenges and Opportunities

  4. Multimedia Wireless Local Area Networks

    • Overview of Physical Layers of HiperLAN/2 and IEEE 802.11a
    • Overview of HiperLAN/1
    • Overview of HiperLAN/2
    • IEEE 802.11 MAC
    • Overview of IEEE 802.11 Standardization
    • IEEE 802.11e HCF
    • Simulation Performance of IEEE 802.11
    • Support for VoIP in IEE 802.11e
    • Video Transmission Over IEEE 802.11E
    • Comparison of HiperLAN/2 and IEEE 802.11E

  5. Wireless Multimedia Personal Area Networks: An Overview

    • Multimedia Information Representation
    • Bluetooth1 (IEEE 802.15.1)
    • Coexistence with Wireless LANs (IEEE 802.15.2)
    • High-Rate WPANs (IEEE 802.15.3)
    • Low-rate WPANs (IEEE 802.15.4)

  6. QoS Provision in Wireless Multimedia Networks

    • QoS in WLANs
    • RSVP over Wireless Networks
    • QoS in Hybrid 3G/WLAN Networks
    • UMTS/WLAN Interworking Architecture
    • Interworking QoS Considerations
    • Performance Evaluation
    • Performance Results

  7. Wireless Multimedia in 3G Networks

    • Cellular Networks
    • UMTS Networks
    • Multimedia Services
    • IMS Architecture and Implementation
    • MBMS Architecture and Implementation
    • Quality of Service

Part Two Wireless Multimedia Applications and Services

  1. Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)

    • Introduction to WAP Protocol and Architecture
    • WAP Protocol Stack
    • WAP languages and Design Tools
    • WAP Service Design Principles
    • Performance of WAP over 2G and 2.5G Technologies
    • Examples of Experimented and Implemented WAP Services

  2. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

    • Evolution From Short to Multimedia Message Services
    • MMS Architecture and Standard
    • MMS Format
    • Transaction Flows
    • MMS-based Value-added Services
    • MMS Development Tools
    • MMS Evolution

  3. Instant Messaging and Presence Service (IMPS)

    • Client
    • Design Considerations
    • Protocols
    • Security and Protocols
    • Evolution, Direction and Challenges

  4. Instant Messaging Enabled Mobile Payments

    • Instant Messaging Mobile Payment Scenario
    • The Generic MP and IM Platforms of IMMP
    • Design of an IM-enabled MP System
    • Implementation
    • Security and Privacy in IMMP

  5. Push-to-Talk: A First Step to a Unified Instant Communication Future

    • Short History of PTT
    • Service Description
    • Architecture
    • Standardization
    • Service Access
    • Performance
    • Architecture Migration
    • Possible Future, or PTT Evolving to PTX

  6. Location Based Services

    • Requirements
    • LBS System
    • Available LBS Systems


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Emerging Wireless Multimedia
Services and Technologies
by A. K. Salkintzis

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