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Emissions from European Agriculture
edited by Tadeusz Kuczynski

Emissions from European Agriculture discusses various aspects of agricultural emissions.


  • Details introductory, theoretical, and methodological issues
  • Gives the most recent data on national emissions, particularly these of nitrogen species in several European countries as well as projections of gaseous emissions for all Europe
  • Deals exclusively with ammonia in a comprehensive survey of its emission abatement potentials, techniques, the cost of appropriate actions and the difficulties in their practical implementation


General topics

  • Livestock production and emissions of volatile gases
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture in Europe
  • The assessment of emissions of nitrogen species from agriculture using the methodology of the Atmospheric Emission Inventory Guidebook
  • Particulate matter emissions as a part of air pollution control in agriculture: Definitions, sources, measurements
  • Livestock husbandry systems in Europe: Evaluation of the 2003 UNECE ammonia expert group questionnaire
  • Emission, transmission, deposition and environmental effects of ammonia from agricultural sources
  • Ammonia emission inventories, uncertainty and sensitivity analyses
  • DYNAMO: An empirical model for the calculation of ammonia emissions of farms and regions
  • Methods to measure ammonia emissions from agriculture: Basic principles and limitation in practical use
  • CFD methods to predict close range spreading of ventilation air from livestock buildings

Emissions inventories from agriculture

  • Emission inventory for the agricultural sector in Austria: state of the art and future developments
  • Norwegian ammonia emissions –present state and perspective
  • The German agricultural emission inventor
  • Ammonia emissions from Irish agriculture
  • New national inventory of ammonia emissions in the Czech Republic and experiences with application of environmental law on air protection
  • Finnish ammonia emissions from agriculture
  • Ammonia emissions in Poland: Inventory, projections, uncertainties
  • Projections of agricultural emissions of ammonia in the European Union

Abatement potentials, measures and cost

  • Calculating abatement costs
  • Ammonia emission inventory and emission abatement potential assessment for Switzerland
  • Costs of ammonia abatement techniques in Italian intensive livestock farming
  • Integrated pollution, prevention and control implementation in Spain: Ongoing and future work
  • Some aspects of emissions abatement from agriculture in the Russian Federation
  • Polish experience with ammonia emission abatement for straw-based manure
  • Effect of litter material on all-year ammonia emission at turkey housing
  • The effect of heat extraction from bedding on ammonia concentrations in deep litter pig housing
  • Dutch BAT for pigs intensive livestock farming
  • Techniques to reduce the ammonia release from a cowshed with tied dairy cattle
  • Floating covers to reduce ammonia emissions from slurry
  • Some Dutch nutritional approaches for reducing ammonia emission from excreta of non-ruminants
  • Nutritional strategies to reduce enteric methane formation in dairy cows
  • Animal housing design: Environmental versus animal welfare requirements


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Emissions from European Agriculture
edited by Tadeusz Kuczynski
2005 • 384 pages • $95.00 + shipping
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