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Emulsions Foams and Suspensions
Fundamentals and Applications
by Laurier L. Schramm

Emulsions Foams and Suspensions provides an integrated introduction to the nature, formation and occurrence, stability, propagation, and uses of the most common types of colloidal dispersion in the process-related industries.


  • Focuses on the applications of the principles, paying attention to practical processes and problems
  • Includes principles of colloid and interface science common to each dispersion type presented for each major physical property class, followed by separate treatments of features unique to emulsions, foams, or suspensions
  • Shows how to approach making emulsions, foams, and suspensions with different useful properties, how to propagate them, and how to prevent their formation or destabilize them



  • The Colloidal State
  • Classification of Emulsions, Foams, and Suspensions
  • Characterization and Stability

Dispersion and Dispersed Species Characterization

  • Surface Area, Porosity, and Permeability
  • Size and Size Distribution
  • Conductivity
  • Sedimentation, Creaming, and Centrifugation
  • Characterization of Emulsions
  • Characterization of Foams
  • Characterization of Suspensions

Interfacial Energetics

  • Surface Area
  • Surface and Interfacial Tensions
  • Pressure and Curved Surfaces
  • Contact Angle and Wettability
  • Surfactants and Micelles
  • Applications of Surface Activity
  • Other Lyophilic Colloids: Microemulsions


  • Charged Interfaces
  • Electric Double Layer
  • Electrokinetic Phenomena
  • Electrostatic Properties in Non-aqueous Media

Colloid Stability

  • Electrostatic and Dispersion Forces
  • DLVO Theory and Practice
  • Hydration and Steric Effects
  • Additional Stabilizing Influences
  • Kinetics
  • Destabilization of Colloids

Colloid Rheology

  • Principles.
  • Measurement
  • Non-Newtonian Flow Properties
  • Other Viscosity Nomenclature and Parameters
  • Dispersion Rheology
  • Surface Rheology
  • Flow in Pipelines and Constraining Media

Preparation, Inhibition, and Destruction of Dispersions

  • Preparation
  • Destruction and/or Inhibition

Introduction to Practical and Industrial Applications

  • General Uses
  • Emulsions
  • Foams
  • Suspensions
  • Hazards

Applications in the Environment

  • Introduction
  • Rocks, Sediments, and Soils
  • Environmental Soil Remediation
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Spills and Other Hazards
  • Environmental Foam Blankets

Mining and Mineral Processing Applications

  • Introduction
  • Hydraulic Mining and Hydrotransport
  • Mineral Flotation
  • Tailings and Tailings Ponds
  • Dust-Suppressing Foam Blankets

Petroleum Industry Applications

  • Oil Wells and Near Wells
  • Reservoirs.
  • Surface Operations

Manufacturing and Materials Science Applications

  • Introduction
  • Papermaking
  • Emulsions for Road Paving
  • Metal-working
  • Cleaning Processes
  • Surface Coatings including Paints and Inks
  • Polymer Synthesis
  • Ceramics Manufacture 12.9 Fire-Fighting Foams

Food Product and Agricultural Applications

  • Introduction to Food Colloids
  • Stabilizing Agents
  • Preparation
  • Stability
  • Protein-stabilized Emulsions
  • Non-protein-stabilized Emulsions
  • Foam Food Products
  • Other Food Colloids
  • Introduction to Agricultural Colloids

Biological and Medical Applications

  • Introduction
  • Vesicle Carriers
  • Polymer Coatings
  • Emulsion Carriers
  • Colloids in Diagnostics

Personal Care Product Applications

  • Introduction
  • Detergents, Shampoos and Conditioners
  • Cosmetic Skin Care Products
  • Other Personal Care Products

Emerging Areas in Emulsions, Foams and Suspensions

  • Smart Colloids
  • Nanodispersions
  • Combatting Terror Agents

Glossary of Emulsion, Foam and Suspension Terminology

  • Introduction
  • Terms


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Emulsions Foams and Suspensions
Fundamentals and Applications
by Laurier L. Schramm

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