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Engineering Documentation Control Handbook
Configuration Management in Industry
Third Edition
by Frank B. Watts

Engineering Documentation Control Handbook is packed with specific methods that can be applied quickly and accurately to almost any industry and any product to control documentation, request changes to the product, make those changes and develop bills of material.

The result is a powerful communications bridge between engineering and "the rest of the world" that makes rapid changes in products and documentation possible.

With the help of the simple techniques in Engineering Documentation Control Handbook, companies can gain and hold their competitive advantages in a world that demands flexibility and quick reflexes—and has no sympathy for delays.


Product Documentation

  • Document Formats and Standards
  • Body of a Part Drawing
  • Body of the Assembly Drawing
  • Assembly Parts List
  • Controlled Engineering Parts Lists
  • Units of Measure
  • Specification Control and Source Control Drawings
  • General Specifications
  • Process Design Specifications
  • Document Sizes
  • Proprietary Notes
  • Document Groups
  • Distributed Document Control/CM
  • Files and Masters

Identification Numbers

  • Product Numbers and Model Number
  • Part Number Cycle
  • Version Numbers
  • Traceability
  • Serial Numbers
  • Part Number
  • Classification Coding
  • Preferred and Alternate
  • Significant versus Nonsignificant Part Number
  • Recommended Part Number
  • Sketch Number
  • Part Number Assignment
  • Changing the Part Numbering System
  • Revision Numbers and Revision Letters
  • Revision Levels
  • Page Revision Levels
  • Change Identification Number
  • What Gets a Part Number
  • Labels and Stickers


  • Interchangeablility Defined
  • Compatible
  • Interchangeable—Which Items
  • Service Parts and Assemblies
  • Used-on
  • Examples to Ponder
  • Interchangeability Test
  • Part Number Change Logic
  • Form and Function
  • Effect on the Field Units
  • PCB Interchangeablility/"Bug Fixes"
  • When in Doubt

Bill of Material

  • Data Responsibility
  • Data Dictionary
  • Item Master File
  • Design Engineering Data
  • Parent-Component Relationship
  • Marked-up Parts List
  • Manufacturing Data
  • System Item Codes
  • Field Support Data
  • Data Element Criteria
  • Purchasing a Manufacturing Software System
  • Purchasing an Engineering System
  • Bills of Material
  • Structuring the BOM
  • MRP/Phantom Solution
  • Common Industry Problem
  • Un-stucture the BOM
  • Pictorial Assembly Drawings
  • Mulitple Plant Build
  • Stock an Item
  • Buy an Item
...and much more.


  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Team Make Up
  • Team Responsibility
...and much more.

Product and Document Release

  • Life Cycle Phases
  • Documents Tied to Release Phase
  • The Revision Block
...and much more.

Change Requests

  • Field Failures
  • Reliability and Other Test Data
  • Material Review Boards (MRB)
...and much more.

Change Cost

  • Costing a Change
  • Design and Development Cost
  • Manufacturing and Field Cost
...and much more.

Fast Change

  • Why is Process Speed Important?
  • Measure the Process Time
  • Publish the Results
...and much more.

Implementing Process Improvement

  • Recognition of the Problem
  • Establish Key Metrics and Publish Them
  • Who will Design Improvements
...and much more.

Proces Standards and Audits

  • CM Policy
  • Writing and Formatting Standards
  • Best Practice for a Standard
...and much more.

EDC and the Supply Chain

  • Supply Chain is Broken
  • Supply Chain Analysis
  • Supplier's Relationship with the Customer
...and much more.


  • Benchmarking Pitfall
  • How to Benchmark
  • Survey
...and much more.

CM in the Future/Summary

  • System Standards
  • Part Numbers
  • Interchangeability
...and much more.


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Engineering Documentation Control Handbook
Configuration Management in Industry
Third Edition
by Frank B. Watts

2008 • 363 pages • $84.00 + shipping
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