Major Food Engineering Technology Reference
from C.H.I.P.S.

Engineering and Food for the 21st Century
edited by Jorge Welti-Chanes

Presents state-of-the-art research on fundamental aspects of food engineering!


  • Includes 63 contributions from leading food engineers
  • Covers new modeling tendencies in food rheology in processes such as extrusion, bakery, freezing, and high pressure
  • Presents advanced studies that show how structure is related to the mechanical and functional properties of foods
  • Addresses transport phenomena problems related to mass transfer
  • Discusses emerging technologies, including the use of high pressures to preserve foods, microwaves, ohmic heating, and electrical heating

Engineering and Food for the 21st Century presents important reviews and up-to-date discussions of major topics relating to engineering and food.

Internationally renowned contributors discuss a broad base of food engineering and related subjects, including research and prospective industrial applications.


  1. Vision

    1. Food Engineering for the 21st Century
    2. Trends in Food Engineering
    3. Challenges for the Process Specialist in the 21st Century
    4. Sustainability of Food Sector Development in Tropical Areas
    5. International Congress on Engineering and Food: The First 25 Years

  2. Physical Chemistry

    1. State Transitions and Reaction Rates in Concentrated Food Systems
    2. Biopolymer-Biopolymer Interactions at Interfaces and their Impact on Food Colloid Stability
    3. Triacylglyceride Crystallization in Vegetable Oils
    4. The Functionality of Milkfat Fractions in Confectionery and Plastic Fats
    5. Stabilization Mechanisms for Anthocyanin: The Case for Copolymerization Reactions

  3. Mass Transfer

    1. Transport Properties in Food Engineering
    2. Mass Transfer and Related Phenomena in Plant Tissue during Heat Treatment and Osmotic Stress
    3. Non-Fickian of Mass Transfer in Fruit Tissue
    4. The Cellular Approach in Modeling Mass Transfer in Fruit Tissues,
    5. Mass Transport and Deformation Relaxation Phenomena in Plant Tissues
    6. The Relation Between Sublimation Rate and Volatile Retention during the Freeze-Drying of Coffee
    7. A Proposal of Analysis of the Drying Phenomena by Means of the Fractal Theory

  4. Food Rheology

    1. Relationship Between Rheology and Food Texture
    2. Relevance of Rheological Properties in Food Process Engineering
    3. Rheological Properties of Concentrated Suspensions: Applications to Foodstuffs
    4. Mixing of Viscoelastic Fluids: A New Strategy to Elucidate the Influence of Elasticity on Power Consumption
    5. Microstructuring of Multiphase Food Systems in Shear and Elongational Process Flows
    6. Modeling Viscosity of Starch Dispersion and Dough during Heating: Master Curves of Complex Viscosity
    7. The Role of Rheology in Extrusion
    8. Non-Linear Viscoelasticity Modeling of Vegetable Protein-Stabilized Emulsions
    9. Rheological Properties of Food Materials Under Standard and High Pressure and Temperature Conditions
    10. Rheo-Reactor for Studying Food Processes: Specific Cases of Foaming and Freezing

  5. Food Structure

    1. Levels of Structure and the Mechanical Properties of Solid Foods
    2. Structure-Functionality Relationships in Foods
    3. Structure and Food Engineering
    4. Viewing Food Microstructure

  6. Thermal Processing and Packaging

    1. Active Packaging: Science and Application
    2. Mass Transfer in Food/Plastic Packaging Systems
    3. Mass Transport within Edible and Biodegradable Protein Based Materials: Application to the Design of Active Biopackaging
    4. Cooling Uniformity in Overpressure Retorts Using Water Spray and Full Immersion
    5. Contribution to Kinetics for the Development of Food Sterilization Processes at High Temperatures: IATA-CSIC Results

  7. Minimal Processing

    1. Shelf-Life Prediction of Minimally Processed Chilled Foods
    2. Update on Hurdle Technology
    3. Microbial Behavior Modeling as a Tool in the Design and Control of Minimally Processed Foods
    4. The Role of an Osmotic Step: Combined Processes to Improve Quality and Control Functional Properties in Fruits and Vegetables
    5. Approaches for Safety Assessment of Minimally Processed Fruits and Vegetables

  8. Emerging Technologies

    1. Membrane Permeabilization and Inactivation Mechanisms of Biological Systems by Emerging Technologies
    2. Innovative Fruit Preservation Methods using High Pressure
    3. Production Issues Related to UHP Food
    4. Enhanced Thermal Effects Under Microwave Heating Conditions
    5. Applications of Low Intensity Ultrasonics in the Dairy Industry
    6. Ohmic Heating and Moderate Electric Field (MEF) Processing
    7. Design, Construction and Evaluation of a Sanitary Pilot Plant System (PEF)

  9. Process Control

    1. Recent Advances in Simulation for the Process Industries
    2. Simulation-Based Design of Food Products and Processes
    3. Modeling and Simulation of Reactive and Separation Food Bed Processes
    4. Modeling Bean Heating during Batch Roasting of Coffee Beans

  10. Food Biotechnology

    1. New Frontiers for Food Processing: The Impact of Changes in Agrobiotechnology
    2. Novel and Potential Applications of alpha-Amylases in the Food Industry
    3. and the Kinetics of the Bacteriocin Antilisterial Activity

  11. Environmental

    1. Clean Technology in the Food Manufacturing Industry
    2. Pest Control in the Food Industry: Raw Materials Control

  12. Space Missions

    1. Storage Stability and Nutritive Value of Food for Long-Term Manned Space Missions
    2. Preservation Methods Utilized for Space Food
    3. NASA Food Technology Commercial Space Center

  13. Education

    1. Role of the Internet in Food Engineering Teaching
    2. Teaching Food Engineering with the Aid of Multmedia
    3. A Low-Cost, Versatile Laboratory Experiment in Food Engineering Using the Internet
    4. Toward a Virtual Cooperative Training Program in Food Engineering

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Engineering and Food for the 21st Century
edited by Jorge Welti-Chanes, Gustavo V. Barbosa-Canovas, José Miguel Aguilera
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