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Engineering Handbook
Second Edition
edited by Richard C. Dorf

  • Presents 20 completely new articles and updates the remaining 211 chapters

  • Provides an updated listing of associations and societies

  • Offers Defining Terms, References, and For Further Information in each chapter

  • Includes Author Index, Subject Index, and Index of Key Equations

The Second Edition of the Engineering Handbook provides a ready reference for the practicing engineer in industry, government, and academia.

The book is divided into 30 sections that encompass the field of engineering and provides the most up-to-date information in the classical fields: mechanical, electrical, civil, chemical, biomedical engineering (new), nanotechnology/MEMS (new), environmental, industrial, and aerospace engineering as well as the underlying fields of mathematics and materials.

The Engineering Handbook satisfies the information needs of all professional engineers, whether they work in industry, education, or government.


  1. Statics: Force-System Resultants and Equilibrium • Centroids and Distributed Forces • Moments of Inertia
  2. Mechanics of Materials: Reactions • Bending Stresses in Beams • Shear Stresses in Beams • Shear and Moment Diagrams • Columns • Pressure Vessels • Axial Loads and Torsion • Fracture Mechanics
  3. Dynamics and Vibration: Dynamics of Particles: Kinematics and Kinetics • Dynamics of Rigid Bodies: Kinematics and Kinetics • Free Vibration, Natural Frequencies, and Mode Shapes • Forced Vibrations • Lumped versus Distributed Parameter Systems • Applications of Structural and Dynamic Principles • Vibration Computations and Nomographs • Test Equipment and Measuring Instruments
  4. Kinematics and Mechanisms: Linkages and Cams • Tribology: Friction, Wear, and Lubrication • Machine Elements • Crankshaft Journal Bearings • Fluid Sealing in Machines, Mechnical Devices, and Apparatus
  5. Structures: Loads • Wind Effects • Earthquake Effects • Structural Analysis • Structural Steel • Concrete • Timber • Mason Design • Nonlinear Dynamics of Continuous Mass Structural Systems • Scour of Bridge Foundations
  6. Fluid Mechanics: Incompressible Fluids • Compressible Flow • The Rheology of Non-Newtonian Fluids • Airfoils/Wings • Boundary Layers • Values • Pumps and Fans • Two-Phase Flow • Basic Mixing Principles for Various Types of Fluid Mixing Applications • Fluid Measurement Techniques
  7. Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer: The First Law of Thermodynamics • Second Law of Thermodynamics and Entropy • The Thermodynamics of Solutions • Thermodynamics of Surface • Phase Equilibrium • Thermodynamic Cycles • Heat Transfer • Heat Exchangers • Industrial Combustion • Air Conditioning • Refrigeration and Cryogenics • Heat Transfer to Non-Newtonian Fluids • Heat Pipes
  8. Separation Processes: Distillation • Absorption and Stripping • Extraction • Adsorption • Crystallization and Evaporation • Membrane Separation • Solid-Liquid Separation • Other Separation Processes
  9. Fuels and Energy Conversion: Fuels • Solar Electric Systems • Internal Combustion Engines • Gas Turbines • Nuclear Power Systems • Power Plants • Wind Energy • Hydraulic Turbines • Steam Turbines and Generators • Cogeneration: Combined Heat and Power Systems • Electric Machines • Fuel Cells
  10. Kinetics and Reaction Engineering: Reaction Kinetics • Chemical Reaction Engineering • The Scaleup of Chemical Reaction Systems from Laboratory to Plant
  11. Geotechnical: Soil Mechanics
  12. Transportation: Transportation Planning • Design of Transportation Facilities • Operations and Environmental Impacts • Transportation Systems • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  13. Coastal and Ocean Engineering: Shallow Water and Deep Water Engineering
  14. Environmental Systems and Management: Drinking Water Treatment • Air Pollution • Wastewater Treatment and Current Trends • Solid Wastes • Hazardous Waste Management • Soil Remediation • Urban Storm Water Design and Management
  15. Water Resources Engineering: Hydraulics • Hydrology • Sedimentation
  16. Linear Systems and Models: Transfer Functions and Laplace Transforms • Block Diagrams • Signal Flow Analysis • Linear State-Space Models • Frequency Response • Convolution Integral • Stability Analysis • zTransform and Digital Systems
  17. Circuits: Passive Components • RL, RC, and RLC Circuits • Node Equations and Mesh Equations • Sinusoidal Excitation and Phasors • Three-Phase Circuits • Filters (Passive) • Power Distribution • Analyzing and Solving Problems Associated with Electromagnetic Interference • Electromagnetics
  18. Electronics: Operational Amplifiers • Active RC Filters • Diodes and Transistors • Analog Integrated Circuits • Optoelectronic Devices • Power Electronics • A/D and D/A Convertors • Superconductivity • Embedded Systems-on-Chips • Electronic Data Analysis Using Pspice and MATLAB • Electronic Packaging • Microwave and RF Engineering
  19. Digital Systems: Logic Devices • Counters and State Machines (Sequencers) • Microprocessors and Microcontrollers • Memory Systems • Computer-Aided Design and Simulation • Logic Analyzers
  20. Communications and Signal Processing: Transforms and Fast Algorithms • Digital Filters • Analog and Digital Communications • Coding • Computer Communication Networks • Satellites and Aerospace • Mobile and Portable Radio Communication • Communications • Digital Image Processing • Complex Envelope Representation for Modulated Signals
  21. Computers: Computer Organization: Architecture • Operating Systems • Programming Languages • Input/Output Devices


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Engineering Handbook 2nd Edition
edited by Richard C. Dorf
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