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Enzyme Assays
High-Throughput Screening, Genetic Selection and Fingerprinting
by Jean-Louis Reymond

Enzyme Assays fills the need for a book presenting the most important methods for high-throughput screening and functional characterization of enzymes.


Part I: High-Throughput Screening

Quantitative Assay of Hydrolases for Activity and Selectivity Using Color Changes

  • Direct Assays Using Chromogenic Substrates
  • Indirect Assays Using Coupled Reaction-pH Indicators
  • Estimating and Measuring Selectivity

High-Throughput Screening Systems for Assaying the Enantioselectivity of Enzymes

  • UV/Vis Spectroscopy-Based Assays
  • Assays Using Fluorescence
  • Assays Based on Mass Spectrometry
  • Assays Based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
  • Assay Based on Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy for Assaying Lipases or Esterases
  • Assays Based on Gas Chromatography
  • Assays Based on HPLC
  • Assays Based on Capillary Array Electrophoresis
  • Assays Based on Circular Dichroism(CD)
  • Assay Based on Surface-Enhanced Resonance Raman Scattering

High-Throughput Screening Methods Developed for Oxidoreductases

  • High-Throughput Methods for Various Oxidoreductases

Industrial Perspectives on Assays

  • Prerequisites for an Effective Biocatalyst Screening in Chemical Custom Manufacturing
  • CCM Compliant Screening Methods Based on Optical Spectroscopy (UV/Vis and Fluorescence)
  • CCM Compliant Screening Methods Based on Generic Instrumental Assays

Part II: Genetic Selection

Agar Plate-Based Assays

  • Faciliated Screening-Based Methods
  • In Vivo Selection-Based Methods

High-Throughput Screens and Selections of Enzyme-Coding Genes

  • The Basics of High-Throughput Screens and Selections
  • High-Throughput Selection of Enzymes Using Phage Display
  • High-Throughput Selection of Enzymes Using Cell Display
  • In Vivo Genetic Screens and Selections
  • Screens for Heterologous Protein Expression and Stability
  • In Vitro Compartmentalization
  • IVC in Double Emulsions

Chemical Complementation

  • Complementation Assays
  • Development of Chemical Complementation
  • Applications of Chemical Complementation

Molecular Approaches for the Screening of Novel Enzymes

  • Use of Nucleic Acid Probes to Detect Enzyme-Coding Genes in Cultivated Microorganisms
  • The Microbial Metagenome: A Resource of Novel Natural Products and Enzymes

Part III: Enzyme Fingerprinting

Fluorescent Probes for Lipolytic Enzymes

  • Fluorogenic and Fluorescent Substrates for Enzyme Activity
  • Fluorescent Inhibitors for Quantitative Analysis of Active Enzymes and Functional Enzyme Fingerprinting

Fingerprinting Methods for Hydrolases

  • Hydrolase Fingerprinting
  • Classification from Fingerprinting Data

Protease Substrate Profiling

  • Functional Protease Profiling-Peptide Substrate Libraries
  • Identification of Macromolecular Substrates

Enzyme Assays on Chips

  • Immobilization Strategies
  • Microarray-Based Methods for Detection of Enzymatic Activity


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Enzyme Assays
High-Throughput Screening, Genetic Selection and Fingerprinting
by Jean-Louis Reymond
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