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Ethical Issues in Chronic Pain Management
by Michael E. Schatman

Ethical Issues in Chronic Pain Management:

  • conflicts of interest between health care providers, the health insurance industry, and hospital administrators
  • ethical issues associated with treatment of patients at the end of life
  • care practices for specific groups of chronic pain sufferers, including children, the elderly, and members of racial and ethnic minority groups
  • the prescription of opioids on a long-term basis, particularly to patients with chronic pain of non-malignant origin
  • the use of cannabinoids in the treatment of chronic pain
  • disability determination, challenges presented by managed care, and expert medical testimony in cases involving chronic pain
  • the psychological evaluation of chronic pain patients
  • the need for appropriate physical examination of chronic pain patients
  • the importance of clinical practice guidelines and ethical issues involved in conducting chronic pain research

Ethical Issues in Chronic Pain Management covers a variety of topics to help the chronic pain clinician gain perspective on the interaction between ethics, the law, and the provision of medical services.


Ethical/Philosophical Issues

  1. Pain, the Patient, and the Practice of Pain Medicine
  2. The Importance of a Core Philosophy and Virtue-Based Ethics
  3. Ethical Issues of Chronic Pain From a Patient's Perspective
  4. Life and Death Considerations in Chronic Pain
  5. Secular and Theological Ethical Considerations
  6. The Demise of the Multidisciplinary Chronic Pain Management Clinic: Bioethical Perspectives on Providing Optimal Treatment when Ethical Principles Collide

Disparities in Treatment

  1. Ethical Challenges in Caring For Children with Chronic Pain
  2. Ethical Considerations in the Management of Chronic Pain in Older Adults
  3. Racial, Ethnic and Socio-demographic Disparities

Legal nad Ethical Issues in the Pharmacological Treatment of Chronic Pain

  1. Chronic Opioid Therapy: The Argument for Opioid Therapy to Treat Persistent Noncancer Pain
  2. Chronic Opioid Therapy: The Argument for Caution
  3. Current Legal Issues Regarding the Use of Controlled Substances for the Treatment of Pain
  4. The Solution to the Medicinal Cannabis Problem

Medicolegal Issues

  1. Ethical Issues in Pain Management: Disability Assessment and Determination
  2. Pain Management and Managed Care: Managing the System
  3. Ethical Issues in Testimony Regarding Chronic Pain Management

Ethical Issues in Standards of Care and Research

  1. Ethical Issues in the Psychological Assessment of Chronic Pain Patients
  2. Ethical Issues in the Medical Assessment and Subsequent Treatment of Chronic Pain
  3. Clinical Practice Guidelines: Practical and Ethical Issues in Their Development and Implementation
  4. Ethical Issues in Chronic Pain Research


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Ethical Issues in Chronic Pain Management
by Michael E. Schatman
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