Healthcare Design Handbook
from C.H.I.P.S.

Evidence-Based Healthcare Design
by Rosalyn Cama

Evidence-Based Healthcare Design is a key book for interior designers and architects to learn the methodology for evidence-based design for healthcare facilities.

The guide clearly presents a four-step methodology that will achieve the desired outcome and showcases the best examples of evidence-based healthcare interiors. The book also contains worksheets that guide you through such practical tasks as completing an internal analysis of a client's facility and collecting data.


Part I: Drivers for Change

1. Understanding the Shift Toward Evidence Based Design in Healthcare

  • Evidence-based Design
  • Four Components of an Evidence-based Design Process
  • Levels of Evidence-based Practice
  • Empowering an Interdisciplinary Team
  • Herbert Essay: Holding to a Clear Vision
  • Drivers for Change in the Healthcare Design Process
  • Morrison Essay: Futurist’s Forecast
  • Drivers for Change in the Design Professions
  • Building a Body of Knowledge
  • Checklist

Part II: Evidence-Based Design Methodology

2. Step 1. Gather Qualitative and Quantitative Intelligence

  • Build an Interdisciplinary Team
  • Conduct Investigations
  • Malone Essay: Listening to Patients / Families: A guide to getting started
  • Meilink, Thomas Essay: Weill Cornell Medical College / Weill Greenberg Center
  • Benchmark against National Initiatives
  • Document Process
  • Checklist

3. Step 2. Mapping Strategic, Cultural and Research Goals

  • Positioning a Project Toward Greatness
  • Defining Project Drivers / Improved Outcomes
  • The Art of Mapping a Vision
  • IDEO Essay, Patient-Care Delivery Model
  • Establish a Research Agenda
  • Zimring Essay: OhioHealth Dublin Hospital Preliminary Research Ideas Preliminary Repor
  • Checklist

4. Step 3: Hypothesize Outcomes, Innovate and Translational Design

  • Hypothesize Outcomes
  • Watkins, Lawless Essay: Comprehensive Healthcare requires Comprehensive Evidence-based Design
  • Design for Improvement: Dare to Innovate
  • Haggarty, Starling, Mertens Essay: Changing the Cancer treatment Experience
  • Build Mock-ups: Translational design
  • Share the Process
  • Checklist

5. Step 4: Measure and Share Outcomes

  • Measure Outcomes Joseph, Keller Essay: The Role of the Researcher in the Design Process Survey Results from HKS, Ellerbe Becket and Kahler Slater Build Business Case Sadler Essay: Why Evidence-Based Design makes Good Business Sense Share Professionally Calkins Essay: What We Know: Evidence-Based Design in Long Term Care Settings Submit for Peer Review Hamilton Essay: Research and Competitive Advantage Checklist

6. Evidence-based Design in Practice

  • A Look into an Evidence-based Practice that Recognizes the Need for Research That Improves Clinical Outcomes
  • Parker Essay: Why has Anshen + Allen Embraced Evidence-based Design?
  • Rostenberg Essay : Cultivating a Culture of Inquisitiveness: Integrating Evidence-based Design knowledge into a Design Practice at Anshen + Allen
  • Color Photo Inserts
  • Patient-Centered, Family Focused, Staff Supportive
  • Hand Washing
  • Reduction of Falls
  • Like-handed Rooms
  • Staff Efficiency
  • Connection to Nature
  • Daylighting
  • Positive Distractions or Resource Centers
  • Culture
  • Sustainable
  • Cooperative and Long Term Care
  • Ambulatory Care
  • Children’s Hospitals

Part III: Nexus

7. Growth Opportunities for the Design Professional

  • Next Frontiers
  • Future of Education & Practice
  • Guerin Essay: Embracing an Evidence-based Design Approach in Education and Practice
  • Berens: Essay: ASID, Design Research & the Future of Interior Design
  • Future Certification
  • Salvatore Essay: The Evidence-based Design Assessment and Certification Program (EDAC)
  • What Comes After What Comes Next
  • Levin Essay: The Future of Evidence-based Design


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Evidence-Based Healthcare Design
by Rosalyn Cama
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