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Expert Differential Diagnoses
by B. Manaster

Expert Differential Diagnoses will guide radiologists toward logical, on-target differential diagnoses based on key imaging findings and clinical information.

Musculokeletal presents the most useful differential diagnoses for the musculoskeletal system, grouped into three categories:

  1. anatomy based
  2. image based (radiograph/CT, MR, ultrasound, nuclear medicine)
  3. clinically based

Each differential diagnosis includes:

  • at least eight clear, sharp, succinctly annotated images
  • a list of diagnostic possibilities sorted as common, less common, and rare but important
  • brief, bulleted text offering helpful diagnostic clues

The companion online Amirsys e-Book Advantage provides additional annotated images.


Anatomy Bases

Flat Bones

  • Flat Bones, Focally Expanded or Bubbly Lesion
  • Flat Bones, Permeative Lesion

Long Bone, Epiphyseal

  • Long Bone, Epiphyseal: Irregular or Strippled
  • Long Bone Epiphyseal, Overgrowth/Ballooning
  • Long Bone, Epiphysis, Sclerosis/Ivory
  • Long Bone, Epiphyseal/Apophyseal/Subchondral Lytic Lesion

Long Bone, Metaphyseal

  • Long Bone, Metaphyseal Cupping
  • Long Bone, Metaphyseal Fraying
  • Long Bone, Central Metaphyseal Lesion, Non-aggressive
  • Long Bone, Central Metaphyseal Lesion, Aggressive
  • Long Bone, Metaphyseal Lesion, Bubbly
  • Long Bone, Eccentric Metaphyseal Lesion, Non-aggressive
  • Long Bone, Eccentric Metaphyseal Lesion, Aggressive
  • Long Bone, Cortically Based Metaphyseal Lesion
  • Long Bone, Surface (Juxtacortical) Lesion
Long Bone, Meta-Diaphyseal

  • Long Bone, Central Diaphyseal Lesion, Non-aggressive
  • Long Bone, Diaphyseal Lesion, Aggressive: Adult
  • Long Bone, Diaphyseal Lesion, Aggressive: Child
  • Long Bone, Aggressive Diaphyseal Lesion with Endosteal Thickening
  • Long Bone, Cortically Based Diaphyseal Lesion, Sclerotic
  • Long Bone, Diffuse Cortical/Endosteal Thickening
  • Long Bone, Tibeal Metadiaphyseal Cortically Based Lesion
  • Long Bone, Undertubulation
  • Long Bone, Overtubulation

Long Bone, Growth Plate

  • Growth Plate, Premature Physeal Closure
  • Growth Plate, Widened Physis


  • Periosteum: Aggressive Periostisis
  • Periosteum: Solid Periostitis
  • Periosteum: Bizarre Horizontal Periosteal Reaction
  • Periosteum: Periostitis Multiple Bones/Acropachy, Adult
  • Periosteum: Periostitis Multiple Bones, Child
Joint Based

  • Arthritis with Normal Bone Density
  • Arthritis with Osteopenia
  • Arthritis with Productive Changes
  • Erosive Arthritis
  • Mixed Erosive/Productive Arthritis
  • Arthritis with Large Subchondral Cysts
  • Atrophic Joint Destruction
  • Arthritis Mutilans
  • Neuropathic Osteoarthropathy
  • Arthrities with Preserved Cartilage Space
  • Widened Joint Space
  • Ankylosis
  • Calcified Intraarticular Body/Bodies
  • Chondrocalcinosis
  • Periarticular Calcification
  • MCP-Predominant Arthritis
  • IP-Predominant Arthritis
  • Monoarthritis
  • Intraarticular Mass
  • Arthroplasty with Lytic/Cystic Lesions

Shoulder Girdle and Upper Arm

  • Clavicle Lesions, Nonarticular
  • Distal Clavicular Resoption
  • Proximal Humerous, Erosion Medial Metaphysis
  • Glenohumeral Malalignment
  • Anterosuperior Labral Variation/Pathology
  • Fluid Collections about teh Shoulder

Elbow and Forearm

  • Radial Dsplasias/Aplasia
  • Forearm Deformity

Wrist and Hand

  • Carpal Cystic/Lytic Lesions
  • Abnormal Radiocarpal Angle

Fingers and Toes

  • Arachnodactyly
  • Soft Tissue Mass in a Finger
  • Acroosteolysis
  • Phalangeal Cystic/Lytic Lesions
  • Sesamoiditis
  • Short Metacarpal/Metatarsal
  • Ulnar Deviation
  • Swelling and Periostitis of Digit

Intervertebral Disc

Paraspinal Abnormalities

Vertebral Shape

Vertebral Lesions



Hip and Thigh

Knee and Lower Leg

Foot and Ankle

Image Based

Radiograph/CT, Osseous

Radiograph/CT, Soft Tissue

MR, Osseous

MR, Soft Tissue

MR, Joint


Nuclear Medicine

Clinically Based

Shoulder Girdle and Upper Arm

Elbow and Forearm

Wrist and Hand

Pelvis, Hip, and Thigh

Knee and Leg

Ankle and Foot


Systemic Disease


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Expert Differential Diagnosis
by B. Manaster

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