Marine Ecosystems Handbook
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Exploitable Marine Ecosystems
Their Behaviour and Management
by Taivo Laevastu

Exploitable Marine Ecosystems places emphasis on the behavior of fish ecosystems and the possible effects of man on marine resources.

Exploitable Marine Ecosystems shows various types of marine ecosystems that are described and the ways in which they function are analyzed.


1. Marine Ecosystems and Man - An Introduction

  • Concern about the Marine Ecosystems
  • Complexities of Marine Ecosystems
  • Utilization of Marine Ecosystems by Man and His Effects on Them
  • Management of Marine Ecosystems

2. Marine Ecosystems

  • General Characteristics of Marine Ecosystems
  • Major Components of the Marine Ecosystems
  • Marine Ecosystems as Determined by the Environment
  • Biodiversity in Marine Ecosystems and its Determinants
  • Environment and Biota Interactions

3. Processes in Marine Ecosystems and the Instability of These Systems

  • Food Interactions and Predation in Marine Ecosystems
  • Seasonal and Life-Cycle Migrations
  • Effects of the Environment on Distribution
  • Birds and Mammals in Marine Ecosystems
  • Instability of Marine Ecosystems: its Causes and Consequences

4. Fish in Marine Ecosystems and the Natural Behaviour of Fish

  • The Nature of Pelagic and Demersal Fish Ecosystems and Their Spawning Migrations
  • Fish as Predator or Prey: Feeding Behaviour and Migrations
  • Natural Behaviour and Reactions of Fish and Stocks
  • Changes in Marine Ecosystems - the Behaviour of Ecosystems as a Whole
  • Fishing Gear and Strategies in Relation to Fish Behaviour

5. Effects of Fishing on Stocks and on Marine Fish Ecosystems

  • Effects of Fishing on Major Target Species
  • By-Catch, Mixed Species Fisheries, Discards and Their Effects on the Fish Ecosystem
  • Response of the total fish Ecosystem to Fishing and Effects of Marine Mammals and Birds
  • Numerical Simulation of Fish Ecosystems and the Effect of Fishing

6. Effects of Man's Other Activities on Marine Ecosystems

  • Effects of Bottom Trawling on Benthos
  • Marine Pollution and Eutrophication
  • Effects of Oil Development and Shipping
  • Comparison of the Effects of Fishing and Other Actions by Man with Natural Processes Affecting Marine Ecosystems

7. Fisheries and Marine Ecosystem Management and its Objectives

  • Need and Objectives of Fisheries and Marine Ecosystem Management
  • Methods and Means Available for Fisheries Management
  • Past Single-Species Assessment and Management and Their Limitations
  • Problems Hindering Fisheries Management

8. Management Revived as Ecosystem Management

  • New Trends in Fisheries Management
  • Marine Ecosystem Management Concept and Practicability
  • The Role of Scientific and Technical Knowledge in Management
  • What Successes or Failures to Expect When we Use Different Management Measures
  • National Management and International Co-operation


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Exploitable Marine Ecosystems
Their Behaviour and Management
by Taivo Laevastu

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