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Facility Management
Second Edition
by Edmond P. Rondeau

Facility Management is the most comprehensive guide to facility management-revised and extensively updated for the 21st century.


  • A major section on facility management information technology-telecommunications, computer integration, safety and security, disaster avoidance and recovery, and more
  • More in-depth information on benchmarking and outsourcing
  • Extensive reviews of the latest industry trends
  • Revised coverage of strategic planning, budgeting, and maintenance and operations issues
  • A glossary that includes terminology developed over the past decade


An Overview of Facility Management

  • Organizational and Human Resources Issues
  • Ethics
  • The Facility Management Mission
  • You are Your Customer
  • Negotiation Strategies
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Long-Range and Annual Facility Planning

  • Long-Range Facility Planning Process
  • Strategic Facility Management Functions
  • Synchronizing Corporate Planning and Corporate Facility Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Annual Operating Plan
  • The Long-Range Plan
  • Sample: Corporate Facilities Procedures
  • Strategic Real Estate and Facility Planning
  • Strategic Corporate Facility Management Information
  • Disposition of Assets

Facility Financial Forecasting and Management

  • Annual Operating Plan
  • Long-Range Plan
  • Appropriation Request
  • Trend and Ratio Analyses
  • Capital Budgeting Evaluation
  • Present-Value Model
  • Risk Analysis Models
  • Investment Value Approach
  • Financial and facility Alternatives
  • Capital Project Tracking Capital Project Tracking System Process and Sequence
  • Disposing of Assets
  • Outsourcing

Real Estate Considerations, Analysis, and Planning

  • Responsibilities and Objectives of the Real Estate Function
  • Best Practices in Corporate Real Estate Management
  • Issues for Review and Analysis
  • Real Estate and Facility Inventory
  • Determining Your Customer’s Requirements
  • Lease Property: Negotiating Checklist
  • Sample Lease: Proposal Letter
  • Sample Purchase: Letter of Intent
  • Site Criteria Considerations
  • Selecting a Real Estate Broker
  • Sample Sales Agency Agreement
  • Principal Analytical and Transactional Activities
  • The Process of Acquisition
  • Your Site Evaluation Criteria
  • Your Customer’s Site Evaluation Criteria
  • Environmental and Due Diligence Issues
  • Sample Property Environmental Executive Summary
  • Legal Document Review Process
  • Lease Agreement Sample for ABC Company

Architectural and Engineering Planning and Design

  • Design Requirements and Layout
  • LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
  • Design Firm Selection Process
  • Suggestions for Selecting a Design Firm
  • Sample: Request for Proposal for Architectural Consulting Services
  • Programming and Design
  • Budgeting
  • Contract Documents
  • Bidding
  • Closing and Costs
  • Building Programming and Design Illustrated
  • Campus and High-Rise Office Concepts

Interior Programming and Space Planning

  • Space and Furnishing Standards
  • Sample: ABC Company Furnishing Standards
  • National Purchasing Contracts
  • Space Programming Illustrated
  • Alternative Project Delivery Systems
  • Ergonomic and Life Safety Issues
  • Additional Planning and Design Requirements—Current Trends
  • Facility! Management Information System
  • Work Environment Trends

Construction and Renovation Work

  • Capital and Churn Projects
  • Permits
  • Reviewing and Awarding the Construction Contract
  • Sample: Bid Announcement
  • Sample: Contract Agreement for Construction
  • Preconstruction Meeting
  • Construction
  • Project Costs
  • Certificate of Occupancy and Punch List
  • Owner-Furnished Items
  • Relocation
  • Sample: Relocation and Moving Proposal
  • Sample: Relocation Instructions Memorandum
  • Build-to-Suit Concerns (Turnkey Acquisition)
  • Sample: Request for Proposal for a Build-to-Suit
  • New Paradigms
  • Private Funding Initiatives

Maintenance and Operations

  • The Importance of Maintenance and Operations
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Goals of Maintenance and Operations
  • Maintenance and Operations Alternatives
  • The Facility Maintenance Management Function
  • Management Planning Process
  • Sample: Outsourcing Maintenance Services Request for Proposal Guidelines and Statement of Work
  • Managing the Physical Asset
  • Intracompany and Customer Relations
  • Financial Reporting and Controls
  • Administrative Responsibilities
  • Marketing and Leasing

General Administrative and Technology Services

  • Security and Safety
  • Disaster Avoidance and Recovery
  • Records Management
  • Furnishings and Equipment Inventory
  • Mail and Copy Center Services
  • Audio/Visual Equipment Services
  • Conference Room Scheduling
  • Food and Beverage Service
  • Recycling and Confidential Destruction Services
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications and Computer Integration

Successful Facility Management

  • Hands-On Experience
  • Education
  • Integrated Asset Management
  • Government and Legislative Trends
  • Technological Changes
  • Communication and Leadership
  • Moving Toward the Future
  • Traditions
  • From Now Toward the Future
  • The Future of Facility Management


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Facility Management
Second Edition
by Edmond P. Rondeau

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