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Fatty Acids in Foods and Their Health Implications
Third Edition
edited by Ching Kuang Chow

Thoroughly revised to reflect the most recent research findings, Fatty Acids in Foods and their Health Implications, Third edition presents the current knowledge of fatty acids in food and food products and reveals diverse health implications.

This edition includes entirely new chapters covering:

  • fatty acids in fermented foods
  • the effects of heating and frying on oils
  • the significance of dietary ?-linolenate in biological systems and inflammation
  • biological effects of conjugated linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid
  • the role of fatty acids in food intake and energy homeostasis
  • cognition, behavior, brain development, and mood disease

Several chapters underwent complete rewrites in light of new research on fatty acids in meat, meat products, and milk fat; fatty acid metabolism; eicosanoids; fatty acids and aging; and fatty acids and visual dysfunction.


  • Includes eight entirely new chapters and several completely rewrites to incorporate the most recent research
  • Provides the latest scientific evidence of dietary fat, fatty acids, and their relation to health and disease
  • Explores the role of fatty acids in diabetes, renal disease, liver disease, cancer, and neuromuscular disease
  • Features new information on fatty acid consumption and inflammation, energy homeostasis, brain function, aging, and visual dysfunction


  1. Fatty Acid Classification and Nomenclature
  2. Chemical and Physical Properties of Fatty Acids
  3. Application of Gas Liquid Chromatography to Lipid Separation and Analysis: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
  4. Isotopic Methods for Assessing Lipid Metabolism
  5. Fatty Acids in Meat and Meat Products
  6. Fatty Acids in Milk Fat
  7. Fatty Acids in Poultry and Egg Products
  8. Fatty Acids in Fish and Shellfish
  9. Fatty Acids in Vegetables and Vegetable Products
  10. Fatty Acids in Oilseeds (Vegetable Oils)
  11. Fatty Acids in Fruits and Fruit Products
  12. Fatty Acids in Food Cereal Grains and Grain Products
  13. Fatty Acids in Fermented Food Products
  14. Fatty Acid Content of Convenience Foods
  15. Trans Fatty Acids in Foods
  16. Genetic Modification of Food Fats and Oils
  17. Fat-Based Fat Substitutes
  18. Commercial Applications of Fats in Foods
  19. Effect of Processing and Storage on Fatty Acids
  20. Effect of Heating and Frying on Oil and Food Fatty Acids
  21. Consumption of Fatty Acids
  22. Absorption and Transport of Dietary Lipids
  23. The Effects of Dietary Fatty Acids on Fatty Acid Metabolism
  24. Dietary Fatty Acids and Minerals, E.A. Droke and H.C. Lukaski
  25. Interaction of Dietary Fatty Acids, Carbohydrate, and Lipids on Carbohydrate, Metabolism
  26. Reappraisal of Essential Fatty Acids
  27. Fatty Acids and Membrane Function
  28. Dietary Fatty Acids and Eicosanoids
  29. Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Regulation of Gene Expression
  30. Fatty Acids, Lipids and Cellular Signaling
  31. Safety and Health Effects of Trans Fatty Acids
  32. Significance of Dietary ?-Linolenate in Biological Systems: Alternation of
  33. Inflammation and Proliferative Processes
  34. Biological Effects of Alpha-Linolenic Acid
  35. Biological Effects of Conjugated-Linoleic Acid
  36. The Role of Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Food Intake and Energy Homeostasis
  37. Biological Effects of Oxidized Fatty Acids
  38. Satiating Effect of Fat
  39. Fatty Acids and Growth and Development
  40. Fatty Acid and Cognition, Behavior, and Brain Development and Mood Disease
  41. Fatty Acids and Aging
  42. Dietary Fat, Immunity and Inflammatory Disease
  43. Fatty Acids and Liver Disease
  44. Essential Fatty Acids and Visual Dysfunction
  45. Fatty Acids and Cardiovascular Disease
  46. Dietary Fatty Acids and Cancer
  47. Fatty Acids and Renal Disease
  48. Fatty Acid Metabolism in Diabetes
  49. Fatty Acid Metabolism in Skeletal Muscle and Nerve, and in Neuromuscular Disorders
  50. Fatty Acids and Psychiatric Disorders

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Fatty Acids in Foods
and Their Health Implications

Third edition
edited by Ching Kuang Chow

2007 1,296 pages $178.95 + shipping
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