Food Labeling Requirements Reference
from C.H.I.P.S.

FDA and USDA Nutritional
Labeling Guide

Decision Diagrams, Checklists, and Regulations
by Tracy A. Altman


  • Discussions of key statutory and regulatory labeling requirements and tips on complying
  • The full text of the FDA and USDA/FSIS labeling regulations current as of May 1st, 1998
  • An index of each chapter, including hundreds of regulatory citations

FDA and USDA Nutritional Labeling Guide provides hands-on information about fundamental regulatory concepts, while also identifying the very latest changes in federal requirements.

It provides clear information and guidelines for understanding the latest federal nutrition labeling requirements.

This plain English analysis of FDA and FSIS labeling rules contains diagrams and tables and cites specific regulations. Decision diagrams walk the reader through volumes of information and make sense out of complicated regulatory processes. Checklists for managing information for developing specific labels help the reader track regulatory changes and document regulation applicability to company products. The RegFinder index references not only the text, but also provides hundreds of regulatory citations, referenced by topic.

FDA and USDA Nutrition Labeling Guide: Decision Diagrams, Checklists, and Regulations is an invaluable tool for food industry personnel responsible for compliance with federal nutritional labeling regulations, food product developers and food technologists. Faculty teaching food laws and regulations and food product development will also find this book very useful.


Part A: Overview of Labeling Rules Plus Compliance Checklists
Agency Rulemaking Processes and History of U.S. Nutrition Labeling Requirements
Glossary of Acronyms Plus Compliance Checklists
Part B: Nutrition Labeling Fundamentals
Exemptions, Serving Sizes and Reference Amounts, USDA Prior Approval, the Voluntary Program, and Restaurant Foods
Required Information: Mandatory and Voluntary Nutrients, DRV’s and RDI’s, Percent Daily Values, and Demonstrating Compliance
Part C: Claims Made on Labels
Nutrient Content Claims: The Ground Rules
Health Claims: What Foods Qualify
Implied and Descriptive Claims
Part D: Dietary Supplements
Nutrition Labeling under the DSHEA
Part E: Regulatory Text
FDA Nutrition Labeling Regulations
FSIS Labeling Rules for Meat Products
FSIS Labeling Rules for Poultry Products
Appendix: Additional Sources of Nutritional Labeling Information • References for Key Federal Register Notices • FDA Tables of Rounding Rules
RegFinder Index: FDA Requirements • FSIS Meat Product Requirements • FSIS Poultry Product Requirements

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FDA and USDA Nutritional Labeling Guide:
Decision Diagrams, Checklists, and Regulations
by Tracy A. Altman

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