Food Safety Assurance Reference from C.H.I.P.S.

Food Safety Assurance and Veterinary Public Health
Volume 3

Risk Management Strategies: Monitoring and Surveillance
edited by F. J. M. Smulders

Risk Management Strategies: Monitoring and Surveillance the third volume in the series Food Safety Assurance and Veterinary Public Health, has as its objective the fostering of a collaborative approach, the encouragement of research and the application of preventive measures aimed at the production and protection of safe, quality food products for the well being of consumers and for the future of the food industry.


  • Risk management strategies in food safety: some issues for the EU
  • Foodborne disease surveillance as a basis for policy-making
  • Food-borne zoonoses, the EU zoonosis legislation and the prospects for food safety and consumer protection
  • Can computerised information systems lead to more effective surveillance and monitoring of food safety?
  • Bugs in space (and time): Spatial and temporal aspects of risk mitigation in zoonotic disease
  • Review of the monitoring and control of BSE in Europe
  • Scrapie surveillance in Europe
  • Estimating risks from consumption of vegetable crops from landspreading of human and animal waste products
  • Risk assessment and campylobacteriosis
  • Public health consequences of use of antimicrobial agents in agriculture
  • Antimicrobial surveillance and the emergence of resistance in Campylobacterspp.
  • Molecular characterisation of multidrug resistant S. enterica strains
  • The integrated surveillance of Salmonella in Denmark and the effect on public health
  • The public health basis for surveillance of infectious intestinal disease in Ireland
  • Meat inspection and chain information as part of the Farm to Fork Approach
  • Salmonella control in Irish pig herds
  • Investigations for risk assessment on the behaviour of Salmonella enteritidis in hens eggs
  • Development of multiplex PCR assay for the simultaneous identification of main pathogenic genes of Escherichia coli in dairy products
  • Investigation of the modes of transmission of thermophilic Campylobacter in commercially produced broiler flocks
  • A Quantitative Risk Assessment model for E. coli 0157:H7 in Irish minced beef
  • Investigations into the risk management of albendazole residues in sheep tissues
  • Experimental assessment of microbial contamination of mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) during storage at 6C
  • Monitoring of some environmental pollutants and aflatoxin M1 in organic and conventional milk
  • Changes in the profile of the ages of cases of BSE in Ireland
  • Characterisation of the prion protein gene region in Swiss sheep breeds based on genetic polymorphisms
  • Studies on management of the histamine risk in fish for human nutrition and pet food based on temperature control
  • Distribution of standard reactors and visible lesions in Irish Herds
  • The epidemiology and clinical neurology of scrapie in Ireland
  • Improved detection methods required for the monitoring and surveillance of vibrio contamination in seafood produce
  • Establishing integrated monitoring and control systems in food production
  • Risk modelling of pathogens in meat production
  • Efficacy of marinades against Listeria monocytogenes
  • Small ruminant TSE in Switzerland: from sample to diagnosis
  • A longitudinal surveillance study of Escherichia coli O157 of cattle from the feedlot to the abattoir
  • Evaluating the diagnostic performance of Trichinella testing of wild boar meat in Lower Austria
  • HACCP system implementation in an Italian abattoir for large animals
  • Spatial analysis of Irish bovine spongiform encephalopathy herds
  • Transfer of foodborne pathogens between animals and the environment in the cattle lairage
  • Studies on the correlation between staff hygiene and the bacteriological condition of sushi
  • Risk analysis of mycotoxins in milk in Emilia Romagna
  • Computer-based system for the optimisation of official veterinary controls
  • The Prevalence and PCR Detection of Salmonella Contamination in Raw Poultry
  • Safety improvement of poultry products by high pressure processing


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Food Safety Assurance and Veterinary Public Health
Volume 1

Risk Management Strategies
Monitoring and Surveillance

edited by F. J. M. Smulders
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