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Food, Nutrition and the Nitric Oxide Pathway
Biochemistry and Bioactivity
edited by Nathan S. Bryan

Food, Nutrition and the Nitric Oxide Pathway provides a scientific analysis of the effects of foods and nutrients on the NO pathway in humans.

Contributors to the book clarify novel chemical and biochemical connections between dietary intake and nitric oxide, particularly in cases of NO deficiency.

In this context, Food, Nutrition and the Nitric Oxide Pathway addresses how specific foods can restore nitric oxide production and bioactivity—without medical interventions.

A variety of evidential data is presented showing how NO-rich dietary elements are implicated in disease prevention and modulation. Food, Nutrition and the Nitric Oxide Pathway offers new knowledge for food technologists, food manufacturers, nutrition researchers, and healthcare practitioners.


1. What is Nitric Oxide?

  • Discovery of NO
  • NO Generation and NO Synthase
  • The Evolution of NO Formation
2. Mechanisms and Physiological Implications for Nitric Oxide Insufficiency
  • L-Arginine Metabolism
  • Increased Inactivation of NO
  • Endothelial Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Risk Factors
  • Assessment of Nitric Oxide Availability
  • Clinical Consequences of NO Insufficiency
3. The Nitrate-Nitrite-Nitric Oxide Pathway
  • NO Generation Without NO Synthase
  • What Is NO Doing in the Stomach?
  • nteractions Between Nitrite and Other Dietary Compounds
  • Nitrite Reduction to NO in Blood and Tissue
  • Systemic Effect of Inorganic Nitrate
  • Dietary Nitrate and Cardiovascular Disease
4. Dietary Nitrates and Nitrites: The Physiological Context for Potential Health Benefits
  • Dietary Sources of Nitrate and Nitrite
  • Dietary Nitrate and Nitrite Intake Estimates
  • A Case Study in Nitrate and Nitrite Intake Estimates Based on a Convenience Sample
  • Modeling Nitrate and Nitrite Intakes Based on the Vegetable and Fruit Content in the DASH Diet Pattern
  • Mediterranean Diet vs. Western Diet: A Proof of Principle Comparison in Nitrite/Nitrate Consumption
5. Nitrite and Nitrate in the Meat Industry
  • History of Nitrite
  • The Chemistry of Curing Meat
  • Antibacterial Properties of Nitrite
  • Antibacterial Properties of Nitrite—An Ingredient Critical to Food Safety
  • Nitrosamine Formation
  • Nitrite and Nitrate in Context
6. Physiological Effects and Mechanism of Action of Nitrite and Nitrate in Human Physiology
  • The Formation of Nitrite In Vivo
  • Nitrite—From Inert Metabolite to Physiological Vasodilator
  • Hemoglobin as a Regulator of Hypoxic Vasodilation
  • Nitrite as a Mediator of Hypoxic Vasodilation
  • Other Nitrite Reductases
  • Nitrite as a Cell Signaling Molecule
  • Nitrite Mediates Cytoprotection during Ischemia/Reperfusion
  • The Mechanism of Nitrite-Dependent Cytoprotection
7. Polyphenols and Flavanols as Modulators of NO Activity
  • Endothelial Function and Nitric Oxide
  • Dietary Polyphenols and Health
  • What are Polyphenols?
  • Flavanols and Nutrition
  • Flavanols and Cardiovascular Function
  • Flavanols: Mechanisms of Action
  • Flavanols and Functional Food
8. Nutritional Epidemiology
  • Epidemiology as a Scientific Discipline
  • Interpretation of Epidemiological Studies Demand Causation Criteria
  • Diet and Cardiovascular Disease
  • Diet and Cancer
9. Regulations Gone Awry: Addressing Public Health Concerns
  • Potential Health Risks of Excessive Nitrate and Nitrite Exposure: Regulations Gone Awry
  • Potential Contexts for Nitrate- and Nitrite-Associated Toxicities
  • Dietary Consumption Levels of Nitrates and Nitrites Relative to the WHO ADI
10. Diet and Endothelium: Two Systems, Redundant Functions
  • Regulation of the Nitrite Economy: Role of Diet, Tissue Nitrate Reductases and Disease States
  • Sources of Endogenous and Diet-Derived NO Generation
  • Quantifying the Nitrite Economy
11. Nutrition and General Health
  • Heart Health and Nutrition
  • Cancer and Nutrition
  • Antioxidants and Nutrition
  • Whole Grains and Health Effects
  • Obesity and Nutrition
  • Aging and Nutrition
12. Paradigm Shift: From Toxic Food Additive to Indispensable Nutrient


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Food, Nutrition and the Nitric Oxide Pathway
Biochemistry and Bioactivity
edited by Nathan S. Bryan

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