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Food Plant Design
edited by
Antonio Lopez-Gomez

Food Plant Design presents precise design details with photos and drawings of different types of food processing plants, including food processing systems, refrigeration and steam systems, conveying systems, and buildings.


  • Includes 159 photos, flow sheets, and drawings that illustrate the design details of food processing systems, refrigeration and steam systems, conveying systems, and buildings
  • Discusses a series of case studies that can be used as a modeling tool to assist in the screening and evaluation of different design and operation alternatives
  • Underlines how experimentation in the pilot plant can be used as a source of technical data for ultimate design and an optimization technique for an existing food processing system
  • Uses photos and drawings of valves, pumps, tanks, food processing equipment, and CIP systems to provide quick and easy access to precise hygienic design details and suitable materials for construction
  • Contains a series of case studies that demonstrate the rational, functional, and hygienic design of food processing plants


Economic and Technical Context of Food Plant Design

  1. Food Science, Technology, and Engineering
  2. FSocioeconomic and Technical Context

Mathematical Modeling of Food Processing Systems and Food Plant Simulation

  1. Transfer Phenomena and Property Balance
  2. Transfer Properties: Viscosity, Conductivity, and Diffusivity
  3. Heat Transfer in Fluids
  4. Mathematical Model of a Unit Operation: Hot Air Drying
  5. Mathematical Modeling of Refrigeration and Thermal Storage Systems
  6. Food Plant Simulation

Documentation of Food Plant Design

  1. Preliminary Studies of Food Products and Raw Materials
  2. Literature Review and Laboratory Studies on Food Processing Technology and Engineering
  3. Pilot Plant Studies
  4. Food Processing Systems and Food Plant Preliminary and Final Projects
  5. Information Handling in Flowchart Form

Processing System Alternatives: Process Synthesis

  1. Synthesis Methods

Food Processing System Alternatives Analysis

  1. Outlining the Problem
  2. Selecting Design Variables
  3. Alternative Analysis by Means of Simulation
  4. Design Economic Criteria
  5. Cost Estimation

Experimentation in Pilot Plant

  1. Size and Structure of the Pilot Plant
  2. Types and Applications
  3. Pilot Plant Design
  4. Experimentation Strategies
  5. Capital Investment and Operation Cost

Materials for Construction of Food Equipment

  1. Characteristics of Suitable Construction Material
  2. Types of Materials and Applications

Hygienic Design of Procesing Systems and Auxiliary Systems

  1. Basic Principles for Hygienic Design of Food Equipment
  2. Hygienic Design of Auxiliary Systems in Contact with Foods
  3. External Design of Processing Equipment and Auxiliary Systems
  4. CIP (Clean-in-Place) System Design

Food Processing Plant Design Considerations

  1. Designing the Food Plant
  2. Selecting Food Plant Site
  3. Hygienic Design of the Food Processing Plant


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Food Plant Design
edited by Antonio Lopez-Gomez
2005 • 416 pages • $188.95 + shipping
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