A Sanitation In Food Production Book
from C.H.I.P.S.

Food Plant Sanitation
edited by Y.H. Hui

This book presents the fundamental principles of food plant sanitation and their applications in the food industry. It provides professionals with basics, hands-on information for the day-today operations in a food processing plant.

Basic sanitation practices and the latest information on the HACCP are presented in this book, as well as a review on some of the industry's most recent developments. Food Plant Sanitation provides examples of the enforcements activities of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in relation to food plant sanitation.


  • Covers major areas of federal and state regulations and guidelines.
  • Major biological and nonbiological contaminants
  • Cleaning a food plant
  • Sanitation and worker safety
  • Housekeeping
  • Commodity processing
  • Retail food sanitation
  • Product quality
  • Enforcement


  1. Principles Of Food Plant Sanitation

    1. An Overview of FDA's Food Regulatory Responsibilities
    2. Foodborne Diseases in the United States
    3. The FDA's GMPs, HACCP, and the Food Code
    4. Food Plant Inspections

  2. Food Contaminants

    1. Hard or Sharp Foreign Objects in Food
    2. Filth and Extraneous Material in Food
    3. Food Defect Action Levels
    4. Analysis of Drug Residues in Food

  3. Cleaning A Food Plant

    1. Cleaning and Sanitizing a Food Plant
    2. Water in Food Processing
    3. Water and HACCP Programs
    4. Water Use in the Beverage Industry
    5. Sanitation of Food Processing Equipment

  4. Workers In A Food Processing Plant

    1. Workers Personal Hygiene
    2. Worker Safety and Regulatory Requirements
    3. Worker Training in Sanitation and Personal Safety
    4. Worker Safety and Types of Food Establishments

  5. Housekeeping In A Food Processing Plant

    1. Rodent Pest Management
    2. Insects and Mites
    3. Pest Birds: Biology and Management at Food Processing Facilities
    4. Stored-Product Insect Pest Management and Control

  6. Quality Assurance Programs

    1. An Informal Look at Food Plant Sanitation Programs
    2. Sanitation and Warehousing
    3. Metal Detection
    4. Packaging

  7. HACCP And Product Processing

    1. Beverage Plant Sanitation and HACCP
    2. Cereal Food Plant Sanitation
    3. Plant Sanitation and HACCP for Fruit Processing
    4. Sanitation in Grain storage and Handling
    5. Sanitation and Safety for a Fats and Oils Processing Plant
    6. Poultry Processing, Product Sanitation, and HACCP
    7. Seafood Processing: Basic Sanitation Practices

  8. Retail Food Sanitation

    1. Retail Foods Sanitation: Prerequistions to HACCP
    2. Retail Food Processing: Reduced Oxygen Packaging, Smoking, and Curing

  9. Federak Enforcement and Food Safety Programs

    1. FDA Enforcement and Food Plant Sanitation
    2. A Review of U.S. Food Safety Policies and Programs


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    Food Plant Sanitation
    edited by Y.H. Hui et al
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