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Food Processing Operations Modeling
Design and Analysis
edited by Joseph Inudayaraj

Assembling an impressively thorough and comprehensive survey of thermal processing and modeling techniques in food process engineering, Food Processing Operations Modeling combines theory and practice to solve actual problems in the food processing industry—emphasizing heat and mass transfer, fluid flow, electromagnetics, stochastic processes, and neural network analysis in food systems.

Each section addresses relevant theories and builds up to specific case studies with over 350 numerical and computational equations and solutions!

Extending from basic to complex applications, Food Processing Operations Modeling

  • reviews physical properties of food minerals and introduces modeling techniques
  • develops prediction methods for thermophysical properties of foods
  • examines the dielectric characteristics of foods and the interrelationship between porosity and internal pressure due to evaporation in microwave ovens
  • discusses the safety and effects of infrared heating on nutritional, physical, chemical, functional, and microstructural qualities of food
  • describes the isothermal and nonisothermal conditions and oil absorption mechanisms during deep-fat frying
  • analyzes the needs and problems associated with aseptic processing and illuminates residence time distribution (RTD) of suspended particles
  • introduces advantages and disadvantages to the Monte Carlo method and the variance propagation algorithm for solving stochastic heat conduction problems
  • investigates the potential of neural networks as general purpose, nonlinear regression tools in classification, pattern recognition, and forecasting applications
  • and more!
Written by experienced international experts, Food Processing Operations Modeling is supplemented with nearly 1000 literature references, drawings, photographs, equations, and tables, and is an essential reference on the subject.


  1. Prediction Models for Thermophysical Properties of Foods
    Dennis R. Heldman
  2. Introduction to Modeling and Numerical Simulation
    K. P. Sandeep and Joseph Irudayaraj
  3. Aseptic Processing of Liquid and Particulate Foods
    K. P. Sandeep and Virendra M. Puri
  4. Modeling Moisture Diffusion in Food Grains During Adsorption
    Kasiviswanathann Muthukumarappan and Sundaram Gunasekaran
  5. Deep Fat Frying of Foods
    Rosana G. Moreira
  6. Mathematical Modeling of Microwave Processing of Foods: An Overview
    Ashim K. Datta
  7. Infrared Heating of Biological Materials
    Oladiran O. Fasina and Robert Thomas Tyler
  8. Modeling Electrical Resistance ("Ohmic") Heating of Foods
    Peter J. Fryer and Laurence J. Davies
  9. Stochastic Finite-Element Analysis of Thermal Food Processes
    Bart M. Nicolaï, Nico Scheerlinck, Pieter Verboven, and Josse De Baerdemaeker
  10. Neural Networks Approach to Modeling Food Processing Operations
    Vinod K. Jindal and Vikrant Chauhan

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    Food Processing Operations Modeling
    Design and Analysis
    edited by Joseph Inudayaraj

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