Food Safety Reference from C.H.I.P.S.

Food Safety Handbook
by Ronald H. Schmidt
and Gary E. Rodrick


  • Includes coverage of processing, packaging, handling, and distribution issues
  • Contains the latest biotechnology methods and research in food safety

Food Safety Handbook addresses food safety from retail, commercial, and institutional perspectives.


  1. Characterization of Food Safety and Risks

    1. Definition of Food Safety
    2. Characterization of Food Hazards
    3. Risk Analysis Frameworks for Chemical and Microbial Hazards
    4. Dose-Response Modeling for Microbial Risk
    5. Exposure Assessment of Microbial Food Hazards
    6. Exposure and Dose-Response Modeling for Food Chemical Risk Assessment
    7. Economic Consequences of Foodborne Hazards

  2. Food Hazards: Biological

    1. Prevalence of Foodborne Pathogens
    2. Physiology and Survival of Foodborne Pathogens in Various Food Systems
    3. Characteristics of Biological Hazards in Foods
    4. Contemporary Monitoring Methods

  3. Food Hazards: Chemical and Physical

    1. Hazards from Natural Origins
    2. Chemical and Physical Hazards Produced During Food Processing, Storage, and Preparation
    3. Hazards Associated with Nutrient Fortification
    4. Monitoring Chemical Hazards: Regulatory Information
    5. Hazards Resulting from Environmental, Industrial, and Agricultural Contaminants

  4. Systems for Food Safety Surveillance and Risk Prevention

    1. Implementation of FSIS Regulatory Programs for Pathogen Reduction
    2. Advances in Food Sanitation: Use of Intervention Strategies
    3. Use of Surveillance Networks
    4. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)

  5. Food Safety Operations in Food Processing, Handling, and Distribution

    1. Food Plant Sanitation
    2. Food Safety Control Systems in Food Processing
    3. Food Safety and Innovative Packaging
    4. Safe handling of Fresh-Cut Produce and Salads
    5. Good Manufacturing Practices: Prerequisites for Food Safety

  6. Food Safety in Retail Foods

    1. Commercial Food Service Establishments: The Principles of Modern Food Hygiene
    2. Institutionsl Food Service Operations
    3. Food Service at Temporary Events and Casual Public Gatherings

  7. Diet, Health and Food Safety

    1. Medical Foods
    2. Food Fortification
    3. Sports Nutrition
    4. Dietary Supplements
    5. Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals

  8. World-Wide Food Safety Issues

    1. International Organization for Standardization ISO 9000 and Related Standards
    2. Impact of Food Safety on World Trade Issues
    3. United States Import/Export Regulation and Certification
    4. European Union Regulations with an Emphasis on Genetically Modified Foods
    5. FAQ/WHO Food Standards Program: Codex Alimentarius


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Food Safety Handbook
by Ronald H. Schmidt and Gary E. Rodrick
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