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Female Sexual Pain Disorders
Evaluation and Management
edited by Andrew Goldstein

Female Sexual Pain Disorders is a remarkable fusion of clinical and scientific knowledge that will empower women’s healthcare professionals to help their patients in overcoming this common debilitating disorder.

Based on the highest level research, it provides state-of-the-art practical guidance that will help the reader to:

  • Evaluate and distinguish the causes of sexual pain in women
  • Differentiate the many forms of sexual pain
  • Implement multidisciplinary treatments
Distilling the experience of world leaders across many clinical, therapeutic and scientific disciplines, with an array of algorithms and diagnostic tools, Female Sexual Pain Disorders is your ideal companion for treating the many millions of women who suffer from this disorder worldwide.

Female Sexual Pain Disorders


  1. Historical perspective of vulvodynia.
  2. The prevalence of dyspareunia.
  3. The relevance of dyspareunia.
  4. History, physical, and tests for the evaluation of dyspareunia.
  5. Psychological evaluation and measurement of dyspareunia.
  6. Physical therapy evaluation of dyspareunia.
  7. The role of vulvoscopy on the evaluation of dyspareunia.
  8. Provoked vestibulodynia.
  9. Vulvar dermatoses as a cause of dyspareunia.
  10. Hidradenitis suppurativa.
  11. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
  12. Generalized vulvodynia.
  13. Physical therapy treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction.
  14. Interstitial cystitis and dyspareunia.
  15. Vulvovaginitis.
  16. Non-infectious vulvovaginitis.
  17. Pudendal neuralgia.
  18. Congenital anomalies of the female genital tract.
  19. Endometriosis.
  20. Pelvic inflammatory disease.
  21. Dyspareunia and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
  22. Pelvic organ prolapse and sexual pain.
  23. Cognitive-behavioural, physical therapy and alternative treatments for dyspareunia.
  24. Topical and injectable therapies for vulvar pain.
  25. Surgical therapy: an effective treatment for dyspareunia caused by vestibulodynia.
  26. Vulvar pain: the neurologist’s view.
  27. Mast cells and their role in sexual pain disorders.
  28. Hormonal factors in women’s sexual pain disorders.
  29. Liemyomas and adnexal masses: are they a significant cause of dyspareunia? 00.
  30. Animal modes of dyspareunia.
  31. Psychological and relational aspects of dyspareunia.
  32. Dyspareunia and sexual/physical abuse.
  33. Sexual pain and cancer.
  34. Postpartum dyspareunia.
  35. Vaginismus: evaluation and management.
  36. Female genital cutting.
  37. Practical aspects of establishing a sexual pain center.
  38. The power of patient advocacy.
  39. The future of vulvodynia research

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Female Sexual Pain Disorders
Evaluation and Management
edited by Andrew Goldstein

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