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Food for Fifty
13th Edition
by Mary Molt

The "bible" for all aspects of quantity food production is now available in an updated 13th edition. It provides tables and guidelines for food production basics, quantity recipes, and planning strategies.

With over 100 new recipes, updated tables, and information on the latest techniques, this edition addresses safety and economic concerns, as well as the dining trends and expectations of today's consumer.

Every institutional and commercial food operation should have this book!

New to this edition:

  • New! Over 100 new recipes and recipe revisions
  • New! Updated charts and tables
  • New! Expanded section on ways to make recipes more healthy
  • New! Updated information on menu planning for special meals, events and receptions
  • New! Updated information on recipe modification

Standard Features:

  • An exceptionally wide variety of tested, basic recipes–Organized according to menu categories and applicable to all types of foodservices. Recipes are easily adaptable to incorporate new recipe ideas and presentations, and suggestions are given for many variations of the basic recipes
  • Hundreds of recipes in an easy-to-read format–With specific, standardized procedures presented adjacent to ingredients
  • Quantity recipes standardized–For terminology, portion size, and procedures
  • Food theory for various recipe categories–Each recipe chapter begins with a discussion of general principles and production techniques for preparing the recipes in that section. Nutritive values provided for recipes
  • Yield adjustment procedures–For increasing the decreasing recipe yields
  • Sections on marinades, rubs and seasonings. A great resource for adapting recipes in Food For Fifty or from other sources
  • A section for planning and serving special meals–Including buffets
  • Temperature guidelines and safe food handling standards
  • Food production procedures
  • Information on food customs of different religions
  • Forms for evaluating food quality
  • Glossary of menu and cooking terms
  • Quick, easy-access guides and tables–For quantity food purchasing and production. Very complete and up-to-date. Covers, for example, amounts of food needed to serve 50; weights and measures; changing weights of recipe ingredients to volume measurement; directions for increasing recipe yields when adapting recipes to different yields and for increasing home-size recipes for quantity production; cooking temperatures; food substitutions and equivalents; and pan and mixer bowl capacities
  • Emphasis on food quality and safety standards–Focuses on production, service, and storage procedures which will prevent or reduce the food safety hazards of potentially hazardous foods
  • Menu planning–Discusses menu planning principles and their application to various foodservices. Includes menu planning suggestion lists
  • Special food events–Provides basic information for planning and serving special food events, such as, receptions, buffets, and banquets. Provides basic catering checklists
  • Full-color inserts–Of breads, meats, fresh vegetables, salads, and garnishes


Part I: Serving Food in Quantity

  1. Introduction to Quantity Foodservice
  2. Recipe Development, Construction, and Adjustment
  3. Planning Menus and Planning Special Meals and Receptions

Part II: Food Production Tables

  1. Food Production Tables

Part III: Foods and Food Production

  1. Food Product Information and Food Service
  2. Quantity Food Production Fundamentals and Evaluating Food Quality
  3. Food Safety

Part IV: Recipes

  1. Appetizers and Hors d’oeuvres
  2. Beverages
  3. Breads
  4. Desserts
  5. Eggs and Cheese
  6. Fish and Shellfish
  7. Meats
  8. Poultry
  9. Pasta, Rice, Cereals, and Foods with Grains, Beans, and Tofu
  10. Salads and Salad Dressings
  11. Sandwiches
  12. Sauces, Marinades, Rubs, and Seasonings
  13. Soups
  14. Vegetables


  1. Suggested Menu Items and Garnishes
  2. Glossary of Menu and Cooking Terms
  3. Resources with Ideas for Naming, Plating, and Garnishing Food
  4. Common Pricing Methods
  5. Basic Formulas for Calculating Yields and for Purchasing Food


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Food for Fifty 13th edition
edited by Mary Molt

2011 • 859 pages • $137.00 + shipping
Texas residents please add 6.75 % sales tax

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