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Flammability Testing of Materials Used in Construction, Transport and Mining
by Vivek B. Apte

Flammability Testing of Materials Used in Construction, Transport and Mining provides an authoritative guide to current best practice in ensuring fire safe design.


Understanding Materials Flammability

  • Key Aspects of Flammability
  • Standardized Bench-Scale Flammability Tests
  • Standardized Real-Scale Flammability Tests
  • Customized Flammability Tests
  • Fire Modeling as a Complement to Flammability Testing

Fundamental Measurement Techniques

  • Temperature Measurements
  • Heat Flux
  • Mass
  • Pressure
  • Gas Velocity
  • Gas Flow Rate
  • Light Extinction
  • Gas Analysis
  • Error and Uncertainty of Measurements

Flammability Tests for Buildings and Their Contents

  • New European Classes for the Reaction to Fire Performance of Building Products
  • Applications for Different Wood Products
  • Test Results for Different Wood Products
  • Classification Without Further Testing for Wood Products

Flammability Tests for External Cladding on Buildings

  • Building Regulations
  • Modelling External Fire Spread
  • Case Studies of Fires
  • Full-Scale or Intermediate-Scale Test Methods for Facades
  • Small- or Bench-Scale Test Methods Used to Classify External Claddings
  • Performance in Selected Test Methods

Fire Hazard Assessment of Wall and Ceiling Fire Spread in Rooms

  • BRANZFIRE Model Basis and Principles
  • Material Properties
  • Determining Flame Spread and Fire Growth
  • Smoke Development
  • Model Verification

Fire Behaviour of Sandwich Panels

  • Typical Fire Problems Related to Sandwich Panels
  • Overview of Major Recent Developments in Fire Test Methods
  • Overview of Major Test Methods and Approaches Used by Insurance Companies
  • Recent Research Related to Sandwich Panels
  • Areas for Further Progress in Testing of Sandwich Panels

Flammability Tests for Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses

  • The Role of Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses in Fires
  • Description of the Burning Behaviour of Upholstered Furniture
  • Standard Test Methods for Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses
  • Modelling of Furniture Fires

Flammability Tests for Cables

  • Introduction: Fire Hazards Related to Cables
  • International Standards for the Fire Performance of Cables
  • European Union Requirements for Cables
  • Some Results of Research Projects Related to Cables
  • Areas for Further Development

Flammability Tests for Electrical Appliances

  • Fire Statistics
  • Fire Performance
  • Standardisation/Regulation
  • Environmental Considerations

Flammability Tests for Transportation and Mining

  • United States Flammability Requirements
  • Canadian Flammability Requirements
  • Europoean Flammability Requirements
  • Japanese Flammability Requirements
  • Chinese Flammability Requirements

Fire Testing in Road and Railway Tunnels

  • Overview of Large-Scale Tunnel Experiments
  • Description of Large-Scale Tests
  • Summation of Measured HRR Data
  • Summation of the Temperature Data
  • Summation of Flame Length Data

Flammability Tests for Aircraft

  • FAA Approvals for Design and Production of Airplanes
  • FAA Fire Test Requirements Inside the Fuselage for Transport Category Airplanes
  • FAA Fire Test Requirements Outside the Fuselage
  • Future FAA Directions

Flammability Testing in the Mining Sector

  • Regulated Materials for Flammability
  • Definitions and Terms
  • Flammability Tests and Performance Criteria
  • Evaluated Materials/Products

Flammability Tests for Railway Passenger Cars

  • Small-Scale Testing
  • Tests on Assemblies
  • Full-Scale Tests

Ships and Submarines

  • Ships
  • Submarines

Tests for Spontaneous Ignition of Solid Materials

  • Heat-Based Methods: Adiabatic and Isothermal Calorimetry
  • Heat-Based Methods: Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA) and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
  • Heat-Based Methods: Basket Heating
  • Heat-Based Methods: Chen's Method
  • Heat-Based Methods: Crossing-Point Temperature (CPT)
  • Non-Heat-Based Methods: Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)
  • Non-Heat-Based Methods: Oxygen Consumption and Generation of Gaseous Oxidation Products
  • Non-Heat-Based Mehtods: Generation of Solid Oxidation Products
  • Advantages and Drawbacks of the Various Test Methods


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Flammability Testing of Materials Used in Construction, Transport and Mining
by Vivek B. Apte
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