Practical Food Product Development Reference
from C.H.I.P.S.

Food Product Development
edited by Mary Earle and Richard Earle

Key features of Food Product Development:

  • Provides comprehensive coverage of the complete product development process
  • Includes a range of international case studies from various sectors of the food industry
  • Written by a distinguished international panel of experts
  • Invaluable for all food professionals concerned with product development

The first half of the book examines the four core elements of product development:-

  • the business strategy directing product development
  • the various steps in the product development process
  • the knowledge required to fuel the process
  • the need for keeping the product development focused on the consumers needs and aspirations.

The second part of the book looks at managing the product development process in practice with four case studies of successful product launches. It also discusses how to evaluate and improve the process to make future product innovation more successful.

Filled with examples and practical suggestions, and written by a distinguished team with unrivalled academic and industry expertise, Food Product Development will be an essential guide for R & D and product development staff, and all managers concerned with this key issue throughout the food industry.


Part 1: Introduction

Chapter 1: Keys to new product success and failure

  • Food products the basis of innovation
  • Measures of product success and failure
  • The key factors in product success
  • Product development process: the basis for success
  • Managing for product success
  • Relating to consumers and markets: the key to product success
  • Knowledge of society, industry and technology
  • Product development management in the food industry
  • The basis and structure of the book
  • References
Part 2: Key requirements for successful product development

Chapter 2: Developing an innovation strategy
  • The possibilities for innovation
  • Incorporating innovation into the business strategy
  • Building up the innovation strategy
  • Getting the innovation strategy right
  • Focusing the product development programme
  • Developing the product development strategy
  • Planning the product development programme
  • References

Chapter 3: The product development process
  • Product strategy
  • Product design and process development
  • Product commercialisation
  • Product launch and evaluation
  • Service in product development
  • Where is the product development process going?
  • References

Chapter 4: The knowledge base for product development
  • Technology, knowledge and the food system
  • Knowledge management or knowledge navigation
  • Necessary knowledge for product development
  • Tacit knowledge in product development
  • Creating knowledge in product knowledge
  • References

Chapter 5: The consumer in product development
  • Understanding consumer behaviour and food choice
  • Integrating consumer needs and wants in product development
  • Keeping product development focused on the consumers
  • References

Chapter 6: Managing the product development process
  • Principles of product development management
  • People in product development management
  • Designing the PD process
  • Establishing key decision points and the decision makers
  • Establishing outcomes, budgets and constraints
  • Organising the PD process
  • Managing the PD process
  • Company organisation for product development
  • References

Chapter 7: Case studies: product development in the food system
  • Primary production: creating a new variety
  • Development of Thai mango products and their competitive advantage in export markets
  • Industrial products: PD process and management for whey proteins
  • Consumer products: a new product and new platform in variety sauces
  • Some brief comments on the cases
  • Acknowledgements
  • References

Chapter 8: Improving the product development process
  • The key message
  • Evaluating product development
  • Innovation metrics
  • Striving for continuous improvement
  • References


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Food Product Development
edited by Mary Earle and Richard Earle
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