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Food Styling
The Art of Preparing Food for the Camera
by Delores Custer

The authoritative and comprehensive guide to the art and craft of food styling!

Based on her 30 years of experience in food styling for advertising, magazines, books, and films, Delores Custer presents the definitive lifelong reference on food styling-complete with lists of handy tools and vital equipment, recipes for artificial foods, and guidelines for running a successful food styling business.

Full of ingenious advice on styling in any media and packed with full-color photographs, Food Styling reveals every trick of the trade, from making a beverage appear to sweat to producing those perfect grill marks on meat without a grill. Filled with resources and organized in a simple problem-and-solution format, this is an ideal resource for both experienced foods styling pros and first-timers alike.


  • This is the only book of its kind on the market, shedding light on the art and craft of food styling
  • More than 300 full-color photos reveal the process of styling and the spectacular results, teaching and inspiring anyone interested in food and how it is presented in media
  • The book features a timeline of 60 years of food styling, a glossary of important terms, and a listing of vital styling resources
  • The only book the aspiring or professional food stylist will ever need, this exceptionally thorough resource covers challenges from flawless fried chicken to fluffy, cloudlike cake frostings-and everything in between

Whether you're looking to break into the food styling business or just touch up on the latest and most effective techniques, Food Styling is the ultimate guide to creating stunning culinary visuals.


Section I: The Basics

  1. A General Overview of Food Styling
  2. The Medium is the Message
  3. The Cast of Characters

Section II: The Job from Phone Call to Invoice

    Getting the Job
  1. Prepping the Job
  2. The Shoot
  3. About Photography
  4. About Propping
  5. About Production Work

Section III: The Nuts and Bolts

  1. Tools of the Trade
  2. Working with the Food: Some Foods Just Misbehave

Section IV: Pulling It All Together

  1. The Business of Food Styling
  2. Useful Additional Skills
  3. Tips for Food Professionals Who Want to Food Style Their Work

Section V: Trends: Food and Food Presentation

  1. Reviewing the Last 60 Years


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Food Styling
The Art of Preparing Food for the Camera
by Delores Custer

2010 • 398 pages • $74.00 + shipping
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