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Food Transportation
edited by Robert Heap

Food Transportation is written for food industry professionals concerned with food transportation on a commercial and industrial scale.

Coverage includes reviews of general subjects, such as logistics, equipment and packaging, and of the transportation of major food classes.


Food science and the transport of food

  • Composition of food
  • Chemical reactions in foods
  • Physical chenges in foods: crystallization phenomena
  • Microbiology and food transportation
  • Characteristics of bacterial growth— the use of modeling
  • Controlled- and modified-atmosphere transportation
  • Taints
  • Transport of animals

Logistics of food transport

  • Importance of logistics
  • The food industry
  • Key logistics trends and supply chain relationships in the food industry
  • Concluding remarks
  • Food transport case studies

Land transport of food: principal elements and current practice

  • Brief history
  • The transport medium—decision making parameters
  • The supply chain
  • In-transit refrigeration
  • Refrigeration developments
  • Beyond refrigeration
  • Loading vehicles and containers
  • Selecting transport

Transport of foodstuffs by sea

  • Cooling of cargo in transit
  • Conventional refrigerated ships
  • Container ships
  • Need for refrigeration

Air transport of perishables

  • The flight is just part of the journey
  • Cargo space
  • Unit load devices: containers and pallets
  • Temperature regulation within the cargo
  • Expendable refrigerants: dry ice and water ice
  • Carton design
  • Temperature protection
  • Documentation
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Recommendations

Transport of fruit and vegetables

  • Post-harvest behavior of fruit and vegetables
  • Precooling and the cold chain
  • Product requirements during transport
  • Storage temperature management

Transport of oils and fats

  • Quality problems arising in transport
  • Transport at sea
  • Transport on land

Distribution of chilled and frozen foods

  • Loading disciplines
  • Overnight standing and noise difficulties
  • Thermographs and temperature monitoring equipment
  • Temperature measurement
  • Calibration
  • Refrigerated vehicles
  • Foodstuffs carried
  • Transport refrigeration requirements
  • Refrigeration methods
  • Insulation
  • Precooling the product
  • Design and specification

Transport of dairy product

  • Main dairy product types
  • Packaging
  • Manufacture and storage
  • Product deterioration
  • Land transport
  • Shipping
  • Air freight. Insurance

Hygiene in food transport

  • Basic hygiene requirements
  • Shipping container loading
  • Inspection of incoming carriers

Quality systems in food transportation

  • Quality and safety in food transportation
  • History of quality management in food transportation
  • Standards for quality systems
  • Benefits of implementing a quality management system
  • Clauses of ISO9002
  • HACCP: A food safety management system

Legislation and food transport

  • Legislation—food
  • Legislation—transport


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Food Transportation
edited by Robert Heap
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