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Freshwater Prawns
Biology and Farming
edited by Michael B. New

Freshwater Prawns is a comprehensive review of the status of research, development and commercial practice, intended to stimulate further advances in knowledge and understanding of this important field.


1. History and Global Status of Freshwater Prawn Farming

  • Origins of Modern Freshwater Prawn Culture
  • Global Production Status
2. Nomenclature and Taxonomy
  • The Genus Macrobrachium in Aquaculture
  • Nomenclature and Historical Perspective
  • Taxonomy
3. Biology
  • Habitat and Life Cycle
  • Morphology and Related Topics
  • Reproduction
  • Ecdysis and Growth
  • Autotomy and Regeneration
  • Osmo-Ionic Regulation
  • Larval Development
4. Broodstock Management
  • Collection of Broodstock
  • Broodstock Management
  • Larval Hatching Systems, Collecting and Enumeration
5. Hatchery Systems and Management
  • Hatchery Design
  • Facilities
  • Water Source and Treatment
  • General Management
  • Growth, Survival, Production and Harvesting
  • Small Recirculation Hatcheries
6. Larval Feeds and Feeding
  • Desirable Food Characteristics
  • Supply, Preparation and Nutritional Enhancement of Brine Shirmp (Artemia)
  • Other Larval Feeds
  • Feeding Strategies
7. Nursery Systems and Management
  • Indoor Nurseries
  • Outdoor Nurseries
  • Nursing in Cages
  • Multi-phase Nursery Systems
  • Facilities
  • Water Quality
  • Controlling Predaceous Insects in Nursery Ponds
  • Stocking and the Use of Substrates
  • Survival
  • Feeding Strategies
  • Harvesting
  • Size Grading
  • Transporting Juveniles to Grow-Out Ponds
8. Grow-out Systems—Site Selection and Pond Construction
  • Site Selection
  • Site Development
  • Pond System Construction
9. Grow-out Systems—Monoculture
  • Rearing Systems
  • Operation
  • Prawn Growth and Survival
  • Production Models and Productivity
  • Monosex Culture
  • Environmental Protection
10. Grow-out Systems—Culture in Temperate Zones
  • Culture in Temperate Zones: Problems and Opportunities
  • Temperate Production Cycle
  • Low Input Approach
  • High Technology Culture
  • Marketing Strategies
11. Grow-out Systems—Polyculture and Integrated Culture
  • Fish and Prawn Interactions
  • Management of Prawn Polyculture Systems
  • Integration of Prawn Culture with Crop Production
12. Nutrition, Feeds and Feeding
  • Diet and Digestive Physiology
  • Nutrient Requirements
  • Grow-Out Feeds
  • Feeding Strategies
13. Grow-out Systems—Water Quality and Soil Management
  • Water Quality: Impact and Control
  • Pond Soil and Sediment Management
  • Miscellaneous Water and Soil Treatments
  • Environmental Issues
14. Health Management
  • Health and Defence
  • Diagnosis
  • Prophylaxis
  • Therapeutic Treatment
  • Diseases
15. Genetics
  • Population Genetics
  • Genetic Management of Broodstock
  • Sex Reversal and Monosex Culture
16. The Biology and Management of Size Variation
  • Male Morphotypes
  • Structure of Mature Populations
  • Ontogeny and Development
  • Factors Controlling Growth Variation
  • The Biological Significance of Size Variation
  • Commercial Significance and Management of Size Variation
17. Commercial Freshwater Prawn Farming and Enhancement around the World
  • Asia
  • South America
  • Central America and the Caribbean
  • North America
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Oceania
18. Post-harvest Handling and Processing
  • Intrinsic Characteristics
  • Post-Mortem Changes
  • Preservation
  • Handling for Live Sales
  • Practical Processing Techniques
19. Marketing and Preparation for Consumption
  • Reports on Freshwater Prawn Marketing in Selected Countries
  • Marketing Live or Fresh Prawns
  • Marketing Frozen Prawns
  • Marketing at Grocery Stores in the USA
  • Marketing at Food Festivals in the USA
  • Marketing at Harvest Festivals in the USA
  • Developing a Market Strategy for Freshwater Prawns
  • Developing Marketing Plans
  • Marketing Case Studies
20. Economics and Business Management
  • Aquaculture Business Planning and Management
  • Financing Commercial Aquaculture Projects
  • Commercial Prawn Farming: Costs and Profitability
  • Polyculture and Integrations
  • Economic Modelling of Commercial Prawn Farming
21. Culture of the Oriental River Prawn Macrobrachium nipponense
  • Farming of M. nipponense in China
  • Oriental River Prawn Culture in Vietnam
  • Constraints and Future Prospects of M. nipponense farming
22. Culture of the Amazon River Prawn Macrobrachium amazonicum
  • Biology
  • Broodstock
  • Hatchery
  • Nursery
  • Grow-Out
23. Culture of Other Freshwater Prawn Species
  • Monsoon River Prawn (Macrobranchium malcolmsonii)
  • African River Prawn (Macrobranchium vollenhovenii)
  • Painted River Prawn (Macrobranchium carcinus)
  • Cinnamon River Prawn (Macrobranchium acanthurus)
  • Other Species
24. Sustainability of Freshwater Prawn Culture
  • Environmental and Social Benefits of Freshwater Prawn Farming
  • Areas of Concern
  • Ancillarly Benefits

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Freshwater Prawns
Biology and Farming
edited by Michael Bernard New

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