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Fruit Processing
Nutrition, Products, and Quality Management
Second edition
edited by David Arthey

Fruit Processing provides a concise, thorough and authoritative coverage of the technology of fruit processing from a worldwide perspective.

Detailed coverage of the use of fruit by-products, environmental issues, quality assurance and hygiene reflect the importance of these topics.

In Fruit Processing, new chapters cover biochemistry and implications for processing, packaging, and quality management systems and HACCP.

Food technologists, production managers and technical staff in the fruit processing industry and its equipment suppliers will find the book an important information source, while those in academic and research establishments will use it as a key reference.


1. Introduction to Fruit Processing

  • Processing on a Global Scale
  • Factors Influencing Processing
  • Fruit types for processing
  • Controlling Factors in the Ripening of Fruits
  • Biosynthesis of Flavors
  • Factors
  • Influencing Fruit Quality and Crop Yield
  • Flavor Characteristics
  • The Global Market: Threats and Opportunities
  • Fruit Processing

2. Biochemistry of Fruits and Its Implications on Processing

  • Minimally or Lightly Processed Fruit Products
  • Factors Affecting Shelf Life and Quality of Minimally Processed Fruits
  • Physiology and Biochemistry of Fresh-Cut Fruits
  • Techniques To Extend Shelf Life of Minimally Processed Fresh Produce
  • Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions during Processing
  • Browning Reactions during Processing
  • Development of Bitter Principles in Fruit Products
  • Anthocyanins and Their Changes during Processing
  • Discoloration during Processing and Storage

3. Fruit and Human Nutrition

  • Composition of Fruits
  • The Importance of Fruit in the Human Diet
  • Changes in Nutritive Value During Processing

4. Storage, Ripening and Handling of Fruit

  • Maturing and Ripeness
  • Temperature
  • Storage Atmospheres
  • Maintaining Quality

5. Production of Non-Fermented Fruit Products

  • Fruit Quality
  • Temperate Fruit Juices
  • Tropical Fruit Juices
  • Clarification of Fruit Juices
  • Methods of Preservation
  • Concentration of Fruit Juice
  • Products Derived From Fruit Juice
  • Adulteration of Fruit Juice

6. Cider, Perry, Fruit Wines and Other Fermented Fruit Beverages

  • Cider
  • Perry (Poiré)
  • Fruit Wines
  • Fruit Spirits and Liqueurs
  • Miscellany

7. Production of Thermally Processed and Frozen Fruit

  • Raw Materials
  • Canning of Fruit
  • Varieties of Fruit
  • Bottling
  • Freezing
  • Aseptic Packaging

8. The Manufacture of Preserves, Flavorings and Dried Fruits

  • Preserves
  • Fruits Preserved by Sugar: Glacé Fruits
  • Fruits Preserved by Drying
  • Flavorings from Fruits
  • Tomato Purée

9. Packaging for Fruit Products

  • Objectives of Packaging
  • Heat-Preserved Fruit Products/Beverages
  • Packaging of Frozen Foods
  • Packaging of Dehydrated Fruits and Fruit Products
  • Packaging of Fresh/Chilled Fruits and Fruit Products

10. The By-Products of Fruit Processing

  • By-products of the Citrus Industry
  • Natural Color Extraction From Fruit Waste
  • Apple Waste Treatment
  • Production of Pectin

11. Quality Management System and hazard Analysis Critical Control Points

  • Quality System
  • Role of the Quality Assurance Function
  • External Accreditation
  • External Auditing
  • Benefits of a HACCP Approach
  • HACCP Principles
  • Conducting a HACCP Study
  • Implementation of the HACCP Plan
  • Examples

12. Water Supplies, Effluent Disposal, and Other Environmental Considerations

  • Water Sourcing
  • Primary Treatment
  • Secondary Treatment
  • Effluent Planning
  • Effluent Characterization
  • Effluent Treatment
  • Forms of Biological Treatment
  • Tertiary Treatment
  • Environmental Auditing


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Fruit Processing
Nutrition, Products, and Quality Management
Second Edition
edited by D. Arthey

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