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Fundamentals of Natural Gas Processing
by Arthur J. Kidnay

Fundamentals of Natural Gas Processing explores the natural gas industry from the wellhead to the marketplace.


  • Provides an overview of the natural gas industry with emphasis on processes
  • Discusses advantages, limitations, and ranges of applicability of major plant processes
  • Describes ways to calculate initial cost estimates of selected processes within a concise overview of plant economics
  • Examines the methods involved in the growing field of natural gas liquefaction
  • Includes a glossary of terminology as well as an extensive appendix on thermophysical properties


Overview of Natural Gas Industry

  • Sources of Natural Gas
  • Natural Gas Compositions
  • Classification
  • Processing and Principal Products
  • Product Specifications
  • Combustion Characteristics

Overview of Gas Plant Processing

  • Roles of Gas Plants
  • Plant Processes
  • Important Support Components
  • Contractual Agreements and Economics

Field Operations and Inlet Receiving

  • Field Operations
  • Gas Hydrates
  • Inlet Receiving
  • Safety and Environmental Considerations


  • Fundamentals
  • Compressor Types
  • Capacity and Power Calculations
  • Comparison of Reciprocating and Centrifugal Compressors
  • Safety and Environmental Considerations

Gas Treating

  • Solvent Absorption Processes
  • Physical Absorption
  • Adsorption
  • Cryogenic Fractionation
  • Membranes
  • Nonregenerable Hydrogen Sulfide Scavengers
  • Biological Processes
  • Safety and Environmental Considerations

Gas Dehydration

  • Water Content of Hydrocarbons
  • Gas Dehydration Processes
  • Safety and Environmental Considerations

Hydrocarbon Recovery

  • Process Components
  • Recovery Processes
  • Safety and Environmental Considerations

Nitrogen Rejection

  • Nitrogen Rejection for Gas Upgrading
  • Nitrogen Rejection for Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Safety and Environmental Considerations

Trace-Component Recovery or Removal

  • Helium
  • Mercury
  • (BTEX) Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, and Xylene

Liquids Processing

  • Condensate Processing
  • NGL Processing
  • Safety and Environmental Considerations

Sulfur Recovery

  • Properties of Sulfur
  • Sulfur Recovery Processes
  • Sulfur Storage
  • Safety and Environmental Considerations

Transportation and Storage

  • Gas
  • Liquids

Liquefied Natural Gas

  • Gas Treating before Liquefaction
  • Liquefaction Cycles
  • Storage of LNG
  • Transportation
  • Regasification and Cold Utilization of LNG
  • Economics
  • Plant Efficiency
  • Safety and Environmental Considerations

Capital Costs of Gas Processing Facilities

  • Basic Premises for Cost Data
  • Amine Treating
  • Glycol Dehydration
  • NGL Recovery with Straight Refrigeration (Low Ethane Recovery)
  • NGL Recovery with Cryogenic Processing (High Ethane Recovery)
  • Sulfur Recovery and Tail Gas Cleanup
  • NGL Extraction Plant Costs for Larger Facilities
  • Corrections to Cost Data

Natural Gas Processing Plants

  • Plant with Sweet Gas Feed and 98% Ethane Recovery
  • Plant with Sour Gas Feed, NGL, and Sulfur Recovery
  • Plant with Sour Gas Feed NGL Recovery and Nitrogen Rejection


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Fundamentals of Natural Gas Processing
by Arthur J. Kidnay
2006 • 464 pages • $138.95 + shipping
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