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Fundamentals and Assessment Tools for Occupational Ergonomics
Second Edition
edited by William S. Marras

Fundamentals and Assessment Tools for Occupational Ergonomics merges the frontiers of ergonomics, workplace design, and management issues.


  • Provides state-of-the-art theory and up-to-date practical knowledge required for effective management of ergonomics safety issues in the workplace
  • Covers how to optimize the design of systems, products and processes, manage the workers' health and safety, and improve the overall quality and productivity of contemporary businesses
  • Introduces the systems approach and human centered design, quality management, risk theory in human-machine systems, and legal issues
  • Explores cost justification for implementing ergonomics interventions
  • Includes discussions of cognitive factors, design of information devices and controls, multimodal information processing, and tolerances and variation in human performance
  • Provides methods for evaluating working postures such as REBAM, RULA, LUBA, PLIBEL, HAL, and SHARP methods, NIOSH Lifting Equation, Industrial Lumbar Motion Monitor, and more
  • Discusses psychophysical assessment techniques, cognitive task analysis, application of subjective scales of effort and workload, and rest allowances


Fundamentals of Ergonomics

  • A Guide to Certification in Professional Ergonomics
  • Magnitude of Occupationally-Related Physical and Cognitive Problems
  • Legal Issues in Occupational Ergonomics
  • Cost Justification for Implementing Ergonomics Intervention
  • Humans in Work System Environment
  • Human Factors and TQM
  • User-Centered Design of Information Technology
  • Application of Risk Theory in Man-Machine-Environment Systems
  • Engineering Anthropometry
  • Human Strength Evaluation
  • Biomechanical Basis for Ergonomics
  • Fundamentals of Manual Control
  • Cumulative Spine Loading
  • Low-Level Static Exertions
  • Soft-Tissue Pathomechanics
  • Mechanisms for Pain and Injury in Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Ergonomics and Aging
  • Vision and Work
  • Individual Factors and Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Rehabilitating Low Back Disorders
  • Human Adaptation in the Workplace
  • Rehabilitation Ergonomics
  • Visual, Tactile, and Multimodal Information Processing
  • Applying Cognitive Psychology to System Development
  • The Role Personality in Ergonomics
  • Psychosocial Work Factors
  • Biomechanical Modeling of the Shoulder
  • Application of Ergonomics to the Low Back
  • Application of Ergonomics to the Legs
  • Application of Ergonomics of the Foot
  • Noise in Industry
  • Shiftwork
  • Vibrometry

Assessment Tools

  • Overview of Ergonomic Assessment
  • Low Back Injury Risk Assessment Tools
  • Cognitive Task Analysis - A Review
  • Subjective Scales of Effort and Workload Assessment
  • Rest Allowances
  • Wrist Posture in Office Work
  • The ACGIH TLV® for Hand Activity Level
  • An Assessment Technique for Postural Loading on the Upper Body (LUBA)
  • The Washington State SHARP Approach to Exposure Assessment
  • Upper Extremity Analysis of the Wrist
  • Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation
  • Psychophysical Approach to Task Analysis
  • Static Biomechanical Modeling in Manual Lifting
  • Industrial Lumbar Motion Monitor
  • The ACGIH TLV® for Low Back Risk


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Fundamentals and Assessment Tools for Occupational Ergonomics
Second Edition
edited by William S. Marras

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