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Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer
Seventh edition
by Theodore L. Bergman et al

Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer uses a rigorous and systematic problem-solving methodology and is abundantly filled with examples and problems. An updated version of Interactive Heat Transfer (IHT) software makes it even easier to efficiently and accurately solve problems.

New to this edition:

  • Numerous contemporary applications have been added, especially in the area of energy and the environment, including topics such as solar energy systems, renewable energy systems, and new manufacturing processes
  • Additional coverage of environmental issues, included an updated and augmented section on environmental radiation
  • As appropriate, the topic of thermodynamics has been augmented and carefully blended throughout the text, allowing readers to build upon those concepts and skills.
  • Additional focus on and tailoring coverage down to the core fundamental concepts, while clearly indicating content that is either optional and/or more appropriate for a second course
  • Modernization and streamlining of the convection correlations helps students focus on the most useful correlations instead of getting lost or confused by the vast quantity of correlations
  • New version of Interactive Heat Transfer software – new Quickstart companion, new navigation that makes it easier
  • New version of Interactive Heat Transfer software – Problems involving complex models and/or exploratory, what-if, and parameter sensitivity considerations can efficiently and accurately be addressed using a computational equation-solving package. IHT has been designed for that specific purpose, and this new version provides a new Quickstart companion guide as well as a new, easier to use navigation scheme


  1. Introduction
  2. Introduction to Conduction
  3. One-Dimensional, Steady-State Conduction
  4. Two-Dimensional, Steady-State Conduction
  5. Transient Conduction
  6. Introduction to Convection
  7. External Flow
  8. Internal Flow
  9. Free Convection
  10. Boiling and Condensation
  11. Heat Exchangers
  12. Radiation: Processes and Properties
  13. Radiation Exchange Between Surfaces
  14. Diffusion Mass Transfer


  1. Thermophysical Properties of Matter
  2. Mathematical Relations and Functions
  3. Thermal Conditions Associated with Uniform Energy Generation in One-Dimensional, Steady-State Systems
  4. The Gauss–Seidel Method
  5. The Convection Transfer Equations
  6. Boundary Layer Equations for Turbulent Flow
  7. An Integral Laminar Boundary Layer Solution for Parallel Flow over a Flat Plate


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Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer
Seventh edition
by Theodore L. Bergman

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