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Fundamentals of Electromagnetics with MATLAB
Second Edition
by Karl E. Lonngren

Fundamentals of Electromagnetics with MATLAB is a lively format, self-learning aid for reader, and the need for applications and projects without being distracted from EM Principles.

Fundamentals of Electromagnetics with MATLAB features:

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  • The most interesting side streets and points of interest


MATLAB, Vectors, and Phasors

  1. Understanding Vectors Using MATLAB
  2. Coordinate Systems
  3. Integral Relations for Vectors
  4. Differential Relations for Vectors
  5. Phasors

Electrostatic Fields

  1. Coulomb's Law
  2. Electric Field
  3. Superposition Principles
  4. Gaus's Law
  5. Potential Energy and Electric Potential
  6. Numerical Integration
  7. Dielectric Materials
  8. Capacitance

Magnetostatic Fields

  1. Electrical Currents
  2. Fundamentals of Magnetic Fields
  3. Magnetic Vector Potential and the Biot-Savart Law
  4. Magnetic Forces
  5. Magnetic Materials
  6. Magnetic Circuits
  7. Inductance

Boundary Value Problems Using MATLAB

  1. Boundary Conditions for Electric and Magnetic Fields
  2. Poisson's and Laplace's Equations
  3. Analytical Solution in One Dimension—Direct Integration Method
  4. Numerical Solution of a One-Dimensional Equation—Finite Difference Method
  5. Analytical Solution of a Two-Dimensional Equation—Separation of Variables
  6. Finite Difference Method Using MATLAB
  7. Finite Element Method Using MATLAB
  8. Method of Moments Using MATLAB

Time-Varying Electromagnetic Fields

  1. Faraday's Law of Induction
  2. Equation of Continuity
  3. Displacement Current
  4. Maxwell's Equations
  5. Poynting's Theorem
  6. Time-Harmonic Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic Wave Propagation

  1. Wave Equation
  2. One-Dimension Wave Equation
  3. Time-Harmonic Plane Waves
  4. Plane Wave Propagation in a Dielectric Medium
  5. Reflection and Transmission of an Electromagnetic Wave

Transmission Lines

  1. Equivalent Electrical Circuits
  2. Transmission Line Equations
  3. Sinusoidal Waves
  4. Terminations
  5. Impedance on the Transmission Line Matching
  6. Smith Chart
  7. Transient Effects and the Bounce Diagram
  8. Pulse Propagation
  9. Lossy Transmission Lines
  10. Dispersion and Group Velocity

Radiation of Electromagnetic Waves

  1. Radiation Fundamentals
  2. Infinitesmial Electric Dipole Antenna
  3. Finite Electric Dipole Antenna
  4. Loop Antennas
  5. Antenna Parameters
  6. Antenna Arrays


  • Mathematical Formulas
  • Material Parameters
  • Mathematical Foundation of the Finite Element Method
  • Transmission Line Parameters of Two Parallel Wires
  • Plasma Evolution Adjacent to a Metallic Surface
  • Greek Alphabet


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Fundamentals of Electromagnetics with MATLAB
Second Edition
by Karl E. Lonngren

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