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Fundamentals of Metallurgy
by Seshadri Seetharaman

Fundamentals of Metallurgy will be an invaluable reference for steelmakers and manufacturers requiring high-performance steels in such areas as automotive and aerospace engineering.


  • Reviews the effects of processing on the properties of metals with a range of chapters on such phenomena as phase transformations, types of kinetic reaction, transport and interfacial phenomena
  • Discusses the implications of this research for improving steelmaking and steel properties.


The behaviour of metals during high-temperature processing

  • Reactions involving gases and solids
  • Reactions involving liquid phases
  • Casting processes
  • Thermomechanical processes

Thermodynamic aspects of metals processing

  • Basic concepts in thermodynamics
  • Chemical equilibrium
  • Unary and multicomponent equilibria
  • Thermodynamics of solutions
  • Thermodynamics of multicomponent dilute solutions
  • Modelling of metallic systems
  • Thermodynamics of ionic melts
  • Basics of electrochemical thermodynamics

Phase diagrams, phase transformations, and the prediction of metal properties

  • Phase diagrams and potential diagrams
  • Ternary phase diagrams
  • Solidification in ternary systems and four phase equilibria
  • Examples of solidification behaviour from a phase diagram perspective

Measurement and estimation of physical properties of metals at high temperatures

  • Factors affecting physical properties and their measurement
  • Measurements and problems
  • Fluid flow properties
  • Properties related to heat transfer
  • Properties related to mass transfer
  • Estimating metal properties

Transport phenomena and metals properties

  • Mass transfer
  • Heat transfer
  • Fluid flow

Interfacial phenomena, metals processing, and properties

  • Fundamentals of the interface
  • Interfacial properties of a metallurgical melts system
  • Interfacial phenomena in relation to metallurgical processing

The kinetics of metallurgical reactions in metals processing

  • Fundamentals of heterogeneous kinetics
  • Solid-state reactions
  • Gas-solid reactions
  • Liquid-liquid reactions
  • Solid-liquid reactions
  • Gas-liquid reactions
  • Comprehensive process modelling

Thermoanalytical methods in metals processing

  • Thermogravimetry (TG)
  • Differential thermal analysis (DTA) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)
  • Evolved gas analysis (EGA) and detection (EGD)

Improving process design in steel-making

  • Overview of process design
  • Thermodynamics and mass balance
  • Kinetics - mass transfer and heat transfer
  • Optimization of interfacial reactions
  • Micro modelling

Solidification and steel casting

  • Solidification fundamentals
  • The growth of solids
  • The casting of steels

Analysing metal working processes

  • Work hardening
  • Rate effects
  • Interaction with phase transformations
  • Examples of material behaviour during processing

Understanding and improving powder metallurgical processes

  • Production processes for powders
  • Forming processes towards near-net shape

Improving steel-making and steel properties

  • Developing processes and properties with reference to market, energy, and environment
  • Optimization of processes to meet properties and productivity
  • Economic optimisation
  • Environmental optimisation


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Fundamentals of Metallurgy
by Seshadri Seetharaman
2005 574 pages $288.95 + shipping
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