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Future Trends in Microelectronics
The Nano Millennium
by Serge Luryi
Jimmy Xu
and Alex Zaslavsky

Based on ideas and discussions arising from the third meeting in the Future Trends in Microelectronics (FTM) workshop series, held in the summer of 2001, Future Trends in Microelectronics provides a unique forum for today's leading experts in the semiconductor microelectronics field to discuss the future evolution of their profession.


  • Microelectronics Technology: Challenges in the 21st Century
  • Trends in Microlithography
  • Strategies at the End of CMOS Scaling
  • Driving Technology to Re-Engineer Telecommunications
  • Rare Earth Metal Oxides as High-[kappa] Gate Insulators for Future
  • Ultra-Thin Single- and Double-Gate MOSFETs for Future ULSI Applications: Measurements, Simulations, and Open Issues
  • Future Silicon-on-Insulator MOSFETs: Chopped or Genetically Modified?
  • Current Transport Models for Engineering Applications
  • Advanced Physically Based Device Modeling for Gate Current and Hot-Carrier Phenomena in Scaled MOSFETs
  • FLUX-1: Designing the First Generation of 20-GHz Superconductor RSFQ Microprocessors in 1.75-[mu]m Technology
  • Silicon ... Beyond Silicon: Beginning of the End or End of the Beginning?
  • Taming Tunneling
  • Switching Device Based on a First-Order Metal-Insulator Transition Induced by an External Electric Field
  • DNA Conduction Mechanisms and Engineering
  • New Cold Cathode Paradigms for Vacuum Microelectronics Applications
  • The Evolution of Optical Data Storage
  • Long Wavelength Quantum Dot Lasers: From Promising to Unbeatable
  • Temperature-Insensitive Semiconductor Lasers
  • Trends in Semiconductor Laser Design: Balance Between Leakage, Gain and Loss in InGaAsP/InP Multiquantum Well Structures
  • Terahertz Emitters Based on Intersubband Transitions
  • The Future of Photovoltaics
  • Infrared Detectors Based on InAs/GaSb Superlattices
  • Solid State Lighting
  • Reduction of Reflection Losses in Nonlinear Optical Crystals by Motheye Patterning
  • Growth of III-Nitrides on Si(111) and GaN Templates: Challenges and Prospects
  • Quantum Computing: A View from the Enemy Camp
  • Entanglement of Quantum Gate Operations with Spin-Qubits in Quantum Dots
  • Quantum Computation with Quasiparticles of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect
  • Photonics with Chips
  • Metacrystals: Three Dimensional Systems of Interacting Quantum Dots
  • InGaAs/GaAs Quantum Well Microcavities with Spatially Controlled Carrier Injection

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Future Trends in Microelectronics
The Nano Millennium
by Serge Luryi, Jimmy Xu and Alex Zaslavsky

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